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Et Thypol Me Krusar Chinese Drama Speak Khmer

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Synopsis Et Thypol Me Krusar Chinese Drama Speak Khmer

Et Thypol Me Krusar Chinese Drama Speak Khmer The complaints against Osmanthus fragrans are erased by Cheng Yueliang. Gui Huaxiang’s trial was seen by Liu Chuanyi and Tang Lan. The two departed the court following the trial. Due to Tang Lan’s assistance with Gui Huaxiang, several Japanese used Tang Lan and Liu Chuanyi as cover to leave the court. The Japanese ronin pursued Tang Lan with the intention of killing her. head over.
Liu Chuan panicked and brought Tang Lan to Cheng Yifei’s company when he saw the Japanese ronin pursuing him like a rabid hound. Cheng Yifei warned Tang Lan and Liu Chuanyi not to interfere with his company after learning that they were being pursued by the Japanese ronin.

The Japanese Ronin visited Cheng’s business to request personnel. In order to speak with the Japanese Ronin, Cheng Yifei stepped forward and said that he was unrelated to Liu Chuanyi and Tang Lan. The Japanese Ronin declared his desire to remove Liu and Tang as soon as he realized they had nothing to do with Cheng Yifei. Yifei Cheng When the Japanese ronin saw that Liu and Tang were going to be taken away, he hurriedly revised his narrative and said that the two owed him a sizable sum of money. Cheng Yifei requested Liu and Tang to enter the business to talk about paying back the loan before the Japanese started to make sense. Tang Lanxin and Liu Chuanyi Knowing full well what was about to happen, the two sang with Cheng Yifei and then went back to the business to avoid the catastrophe.

Wang Jian and others were truly the murderers of the Japanese. They didn’t think twice about using Gui Hua Xiang’s family members to coerce Gui Hua Xiang into confessing and signing a confession. Gui Hua Xiang felt discouraged since Wang Jian could not be defeated by him because he was alone and frail. Gui Huaxiang made an attempt at suicide, but fortunately Tang Lan arrived at the prison quickly to talk him out of it and reveal that Wang Jian and other people were the murders.

Wang Jian and his two accomplices arrived at the jail shortly after Tang Lan left and demanded that Gui Huaxiang admit to killing the Japanese. Gui Huaxiang glared fiercely at the three individuals before abruptly turning his head and slamming against the wall. Gui Huaxiang’s demise alarmed Wang Jian and others. The three of them hurried Gui Huaxiang to the hospital for rescue because they were so terrified even though there was no sign of his death.

After attacking the nurse and donning the nurse’s outfit, Gui Huaxiang discreetly departed the ward after waking up. Gui Huaxiang had already left the hospital under Tang Lan’s direction when Wang Jian and the others realized that he had gone.

Tang Lan arrived at Cheng’s residence with the scent of osmanthus to seek safety. In order to escape attention, Cheng Yueliang took the osmanthus aroma and concealed within the space. Cheng Yixiang swiftly led the rest of the Cheng family to Cheng Yueliang’s chamber after learning that a woman was there hiding. Tang Lan was forced to expose Gui Huaxiang’s name when he realized that Cheng’s family members were aware that someone was in Cheng Yueliang’s room.


Wang Jian and others, together with a foreign official and a Japanese official, visited the Cheng family to request a person before Tang Lan left with Osmanthus fragrans. Cheng Yueliang abruptly altered his usual conduct when he realized Wang Jian planned to take Osmanthus fragrans, displaying his exceptional recall in front of everyone. He listed the names of each attendee before bringing up the fact that Wang Jian and other guests had previously communicated with the deceased Japanese. Due of their hunger for money, the three of them slaughtered the Japanese. Cheng Yueliang summoned the three to show evidence that they had slain the Japanese. Liu Chuan visited his cousin Wang Jian and, after discussing the various presents he had received, pulled a Japanese lighter from Wang Jian’s pocket. Finally, the truth came to light. The police detained Wang Jian and other people. Everyone was taken aback by Cheng Yueliang’s remarkable memory when she was taken away.

Gui Huaxiang then drove Tang Lan and the others back to their homes. Gui Huaxiang was recruited to work at Cheng Yifei’s bank because of how much he liked the man. Gui Huaxiang was shocked and expressed his gratitude to Cheng Yifei for surprising him by falling in love with her.

Cheng Yueliang was driven home by Cheng Yifei. Cheng Yifei made the decision to locate a psychiatrist to cure Cheng Yueliang’s autism while the entire family was seated at the dinner table so that Cheng Yueliang may return his exceptional intellect.

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