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Chrolorm Rorngka Pdo Veasna Sne

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Synopsis Chrolorm Rorngka Pdo Veasna Sne

In a dire position, Xuan Shang recalled what Ye Tan had spoken to him when he was in the Xuan Realm and understood that the strength of the golden body lay within the heart rather than in magic. Xuan Shang eventually repaired Guixu after gaining insight and trying again. King Shen Yuanli had to withdraw his forces when he spotted Xuan Shang leaving Guixu and realized the situation was bad. Xuan Shang was unable to stand after Shen Yuan withdrew his men and collapsed. Sanzhen tried their hardest to save Xuan Shang and escorted him back to heaven, but they were unable. Xuan Shang took a significant body blow. The Emperor of Heaven barred further discussion of the issue out of fear that Xuan Shang would become a monster with unquenchable cravings after being revived with his desire consciousness. Ye Tan and the Emperor of Heaven got into a heated argument and parted ways unhappily.


Su Shui and others visited Qing Kui in the hopes that she could assist in the healing of their injured relatives because they were aware of her competence in the medical field. As word of the story spread, an increasing number of patients sought care at Qing Kui, and the facility never turned away a patient in need of assistance. Garuda, the snake tribe’s patron saint, also learned about Qing Kui’s medicinal prowess as intended. She wore a veil all day because she was disturbed by how she looked. Garuda was overjoyed to learn that Qing Kui had a method for treating the facial scars on his face. The search for spiritual consciousness by Ye Tan’s group has been fruitless, and their family’s wealth has been utterly spent. The only option left to them is to steal food and give it to the Xuan Shang Temple as gifts. When Ye Tan and his group arrived at Yuewo Village to confront the fire demon, they discovered that it shared Xuan Shang’s facial features.



King Li was enraged at Qing Kui’s medical practice, so he put Chaofeng and Qing Kui on trial. Qing Kui’s expertise in medicine at this time was highly regarded in Shen Yuan. In front of King Li, Qing Kui protested vehemently before conceding his medical expertise. Garuda and the other ministers who had cared for him all started to speak on behalf of Qingkui. King Li was forced to declare the prohibition on medical care was being lifted in accordance with the general consensus. Lamu could not retaliate since he had consumed the gunpowder. Yetan realized he was powerless to halt the threatening peasants. He had to convince the locals to wait a few days before killing the demon out of sheer desperation. All of Lamu’s losses during this time were paid for by Yetan. Ye Tan gave up to the peasants’ demand. She had little money and considered returning to the palace to purchase some gold and silver trinkets to help cover the cost.


Qing Kui declared that she enjoyed Chaofeng and disapproved of Wu Dai’s motives. Shaofeng was tipped off that Xuan Shang and Ye Tan were the subject of news. Shaofeng made the decision to go and find out in secret since he couldn’t pass up this fantastic opportunity to battle for the reserve. Lame experienced the beauty of the outside world and what it was like to be accepted by others as normal when Yesan took the brand-new Lame to the market. Lamu returned to Yuewo Village with the market-purchased meeting present. The two had every expectation of dispelling the villagers’ misconceptions about Lamu. Unfortunately, because of their ingrained preconceptions, the villagers refused to accept that Lamu was no longer Huomu. The demon was regarded as the fire demon’s partner, along with Ye Tan.


To play, Qing Kui brought Chaofeng. Chaofeng had learned the alarming information at this point and surmised that Qing Kui and Ye Tan had interacted. Chaofeng was aware of Qing Kui’s purpose but refrained from disclosing it. Lamu at last waited for Yesan to return. He even kissed Yesan to apologize like a peasant because he was so eager to tell her how he felt. La Mu escorted Yesan to the Sanbao Lake to let off fireworks after confessing to him and expressing his desire for her to become his wife. The white beast became insane from Ziwu’s blood. Di Lanjue donated his inner elixir and reverted to A Cai in order to safeguard Ziwu. Zi Wu didn’t understand until later that Di Lan was actually the A Cai he had been missing every day. Absolutely.

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