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Sdach Sva 2023

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Synopsis Sdach Sva 2023

Sdach Sva 2023 Ling Yunzi responded to Panshi’s question about why he betrayed him by saying that all he did was to follow Patriarch Jiekong’s instructions and permit Panshi to enter the celestial prison so that the Holy Master wouldn’t know that Panshi was so close. Ling Yunzi was the one who originally taught Panshi about the existence of the Holy Lord, but Panshi didn’t trust Ling Yunzi and requested him to accompany him in killing the heavenly troops. Panshi’s plea was denied by Ling Yunzi, who then asked him to accompany him back to Lingyun Pavilion. Even Patriarch Jiekong had never considered Panshi as a member of Wankong Mountain, he admitted, and he informed Ling Yunzi that he had never loved deception more in his life. Panshi broke up with Beidou Yaoguang Cave out of rage.

By leaving this heavy crew behind, the jackal and the old cow planned to slay the white ape and quickly cross the plains to the Evil Dragon Pond. Jackal killed White Ape after inviting him. In time, Panshi showed up and murdered Jackal. Panshi granted Lao Niu’s request for pity, but did so out of consideration for Lao Niu’s conscience. The departure of Fengling Panshi was kept a secret by everyone in Beidou Yaoguang Cave. Unaware, Fengling believed Panshi resided in Lingyun Pavilion. The crocodile spirit went to Panshi’s station to demand money, but Panshi demanded money instead. Panshi killed the crocodile spirit by beating it during the conflict. Yang Lan convinced Pan Shi to quit because she thought Evil Dragon Pool was being dishonest. Yang Lan and Pan Shi got into a fight because Pan Shi couldn’t let go of the White Ape team.

Every thirty years, a war between immortals and demons erupts in the Evil Dragon Pond, which has an 800-mile radius. All of the fighting demon clans are irregular forces that don’t even have weapons. Every time, they return defeated, but strangely, the heavenly army never While neither side will attempt to storm the city gate, there will be a 30-year period of relative peace after the conflict. Pan Shi is being discreetly followed by Bei Chen, who is aware of Pan Shi’s behavior. Pan Shi enters Evil Dragon City covertly but becomes stuck in the formation. He appears to be saved by Bei Chen. Even though Pan Shi has misgivings about Bei Chen, they are forced to band together at this point. The two of them managed to get past the defenses and enter the Evil Dragon King’s palace. Pan Shi was enraged as the Evil Dragon King and General Zhaosheng Shen of the Jiutianmen Army discussed the exchange of demons for gold spirits. The Evil Jiao King fell in love with abilities as a result of Panshi’s inability to defeat him during the battle with the Four Demon Commanders.

Panshi was granted the position of Chariot General by the Evil Jiao King, who also gave him permission to reside there. The Evil Jiao King delivered Xiaohong’s body to Panshi as a warning, but he did not let up on his guardianship of him. The Evil Jiao King’s henchman, Jin Zhi, was envious of Pan Shi and hunted him down everywhere while avoiding the military might Pan Shi possessed. Panshi broke through his cultivation by using the riskiest technique possible to absorb the spiritual force of pills in order to deal with the approaching heavenly army. The Evil Dragon King’s messenger arrived at a crucial time. All of Jinzhi’s warriors were slaughtered by Panshi, who also took command of the demon army and informed the demons of the truth regarding the Evil Dragon Pond. Despite not being aware of it, the Jiutianmen army arrived to exterminate the demon with an expeditionary mindset. Unexpectedly, they were caught in Panshi’s trap.

Yaojun was forced to hurry into General Zhuo’s battleship by Panshi after he managed to defeat the flame bomb protection. He engaged in combat and then swiftly annihilated the battleship formation. The battleship lost power quickly and began to sink. When word of Panshi’s massive triumph reached King Jiao’s court, General Zhao Sheng was incensed at the king’s deceit. The evil Jiao King was besieged and slain by Beichen, who then encountered General Zhaosheng as he was assembling an army to interrogate him. General Zhaosheng was wanted by Beichen so that Jiutianmen could be questioned. With the combined strength of the two of them, Panshi led Lao Niu into the Tianhe navy formation and engaged in a brutal battle. Heizi discovered the unconscious Pan Shi, but the inner demon Saint stopped him. Two hearts were located in Pan Shi’s body by the Inner Demon Saint. To find out why Pan Shi had two hearts, he traveled to the Palace of Life and Death in the underworld.

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