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Chok Chita Kon Phlous

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Synopsis Chok Chita Kon Phlous

the new drama ” Wan Wasana “, which features child theft, amnesia, and love between classes, has all the elements and taste of the Channel One31 drama style. Combining both of their significance results in poisoning. Numerous brilliant performers, lead by Pei Panwad Hemanee, who makes her cinematic debut after over 10 years to retake her place as a storied villain!!

Along with Kelly Thanapat , Pupe Ramavadi Nakchatri , Nott Worarit Fueangarom , Kaew Apiradee Pawaphutanon Na Maha Sarakham , Tao Sarocha Watiyaphan , Noon Daran Thita. Kawin , R. Anatphon Sirichumsaeng , etc. and also strengthens the new generation of actors. which is ready to perform in full, led by the team of Toy Pathompong Rueanjaidee , Bint Sireethorn Leearamwat , New Thitipoom Techaaphaikun and Plaifah Natchaporn Aunsawat, all of whom will come to compete. They fought until the TV fans must have caught fire. Wait before seeing the drama’s most dramatic plot with chance and fate that might play funny.. “Wanwasana”

The narrative of Chok (Toy-Pathompong), a very unfortunate young man, is told in “Wanwasana.” wherein destiny pranks At an early age, he had to be separated from his family. Until Chok discovered the truth about his family one day. causes him to resolve to look out his actual ancestry. He didn’t know she was his fiancée, but fate had led him to fall in love with M.R. Phetwasi (Bint-Sireethorn), a fine woman with a kind heart. A gorgeous young guy with a promising future named M.J. Panumas (New-Thitipoom) or Chaipas Rajanikul drives Chok and Chaipas to argue till the conflict becomes serious. unaware that they were truly brothers!

How will the love triangle between one lady and two men end in a bloody conflict? And will the birth secret that was kept a secret be made public? Keep an eye out for the drama “Wan Wasana,” which will debut on Channel One31 on Monday, December 13 and run every Monday-Tuesday at 8:20 p.m.

Wan Wasana EP.1 of the drama will air on Monday, December 13, 2021.

“Euang” considers murdering “Manee’s” kid.

One of Chai Phong’s three wives, Ueng (Pei-Panwat), Kelly-Thanapat’s character, develops resentment against Manee (Nun-Daran), the man’s cherished wife who has recently given birth to a kid. So, in order to remove the thorns, he made the decision to murder the two moms and their offspring.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021, Wan Wasana EP.2 dramatization

From their initial encounter, “Chok” and “Chai Phong” were drawn to one another.

Kelly-Thanapat’s Chai Phong experienced liking and liking. When we first met, Chok (Toy-Pathompong) had already treated the young man when he was passing out and unconscious.

Monday, December 20, 2021, Wan Wasana EP.3 dramatization

“Chok” was detained by “Khunying Pochanit” and taken to the police!

Khunying Pochanit (Kaew-Apiradee) recognizes that luck is when he observes Chok (Toy-Pathompong) behaving covertly close and Uncle Puang (Uncle Nong Chernyim), a laborer at the Rajasasa Palace, lying unconscious. Khunying Phojanit, the offender, gave Than (R-Anatphon) the order to take Chok and take them to the police.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021, Wan Wasana EP.4 dramatization

“Chaipas” disapproves of “Chok”

During the welcoming party for MR. Phetchawasi (Bint-Sireethorn), Chaipas (New-Thitipoom) got into an altercation with Chok (Toy-Pathompong) because he didn’t like the way Chok was acting around MR. Phetchavasi. their fiance

Wan Wasana EP.5 will air on Monday, December 27, 2021.

“Euang” stops “Kulalap” from looking for “Manat”

M.R.W. Kulap (Pupe-Ramavadi) is searching for him in the meantime. Ueang (Pei-Panwad), who had been following Manat (Not-Worarit) covertly the entire time, suddenly raced to block the path. M.R.W. Rose feared that the motive for his murder of Manee (Nun-Daran) would come to light.


Tuesday, December 28, 2021, Wan Wasana EP.6 dramatization

“Chaipas” criticizes “Chok”

When Chaipas (New-Thitipoom), who has had a difficulty with his heart from infancy, saw Chok (Toy-Pathompong) enjoying love and affection from a wise man, he mistakenly believed that Chok’s father, Chai Phong (Kelly Thanapat), had never loved him. Chaipas was immediately annoyed by the bully’s discussion about luck.

Wan Wasana EP.7 is scheduled to air on January 3, 2022.

“Ueng” desires to have “Chaipas” removed from the estate.

Pim (Plaifah-Natchaporn), who repeatedly telling Chaipas to call off the wedding with him, flirts with Ueang (Pei-Panwad). By inciting Chai Phong (Kelly Thanapat) to rage, M.L. Petcharawasi (Bint-Sireethorn) hopes to deprive Chai Phong of his inheritance.

Wan Wasana EP.8 is scheduled to air on January 4, 2022.

“M.L. Petcharawasi” looks for proof to call off the nuptials!

M.L. Petcharawasi (Bint-Sireethon) believes his fiancée, Chaipas (New-Thitipoom), is covertly seeing someone else. She therefore went to the hotel after Chaipas. Considering that he intended to capture him in the act. to provide as justification for calling off the wedding.

Drama Wan Wasana EP.9 Monday, January 10, 2022, synopsis

“Khunying Pochanit” and “M.L. Petcharawasi” got into a fight.


M.L. Petcharawasi (Bint-Sireethon), who Khunying Pochanit (Kaew-Apiradee) finds extremely annoying, is adamant that she won’t get engaged again. Chaipas (New-Thitipoom), a royal servant, since he secretly harbors emotions for Chok (Toy-Pathompong).

Tuesday, January 11, 2022, Wan Wasana EP.10, drama summary

The arrest of “Choke” was reported by “Ueng”.

When Ueng (Pei-Panwat) discovered Chai Phong (Kelly Thanapat) unresponsive within the palace and witnessed Chok (Toy-Pathompong) fighting with Chai Phong 2 on 2, he made plans to have the police arrest Chai Phong. By disparaging Chok for being the one who hurt Pong Pong during his attack.

Drama Wan Wasana EP.11 Monday, January 17, 2022 synopsis

“Chok” challenges “Chaipas”

Following the affirmation by Chaipas (New-Thitipoom) that Chok (Toy-Pathompong) is a hurtful person. Prior to Chaipas been hurt, Chai Phong (Kelly Thanapat) conducted a covert investigation and discovered Chok’s hiding spot. I sneakily arrived and waited in the middle of the woodland hoping to meet luck.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022, Wan Wasana EP.12, drama summary

“Chai Phong” is coerced by “Ueng” to sign a will.

A new will is brought by Ueng (Pei-Panwad). In addition to forcing Chaipong (Kelly Thanapat) to bring a lawyer to the palace, Chaipong is immobilized and unable to walk. consented to dedicate the royal residence and the inheritance to himself.

Synopsis of the drama Wan Wasana EP.13 on the 24th of January 2022

“Petchavasi” is kidnapped by “Euang”.

M.L. Petcharawasi (Bint-Sireethon) is being held prisoner by Ueng (Pei-Panwad). to employ as a negotiating tool to avoid capture after everyone is aware that Ueng is the cause of the commotion.


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