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Tep Thida Phob Presh Ang Kea Chinese Drama Speak Khmer

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Synopsis Tep Thida Phob Presh Ang Kea Chinese Drama Speak Khmer

Tep Thida Phob Presh Ang Kea Chinese Drama Speak Khmer Juvina has found a location where she may fully fulfill her role. Venus Group allows her to create her own clothing lines. Juvina created a variety of high heel designs, and she asked Jesse for some help. However, Jesse was not Song Jie, so he was unable to assist Juvina. Jesse and Juvina went to supper together after talking about the design. Jesse paid close attention and was aware of all of Juvina’s requirements.

A politician visited Jesse during the lunch and continued stroking him as he said hello. Despite his discontent, Jesse did not object. Jesse wasn’t sure what Juvina meant when she said that if you don’t like somebody being reckless, you may say it out loud and reject. Juvina was at a loss for words. A president arrived just then and threw his arm over Juvina’s shoulder as they posed for a picture. Juvina objected to it and immediately stopped him. Jesse didn’t really get what being irresponsible meant until that moment.


When Juvenal returned from his break at work, he continued bringing up Jesse in front of Aben since Jesse had done a great job of presenting Juvenal. The Venus trademark was audible everywhere. Jesse would thoughtfully advertise for Juvinara even if Juvenal needed diapers. Juvina was insulted on the show by anti-fans who said that the world does not require women at all. Jesse rushed straight to his house to pick up Juvina and take him to the firm because he was concerned that the anti-fans might harm Juvina.


Even though Abben desperately wanted to care about Juvina, he had no opportunity. He was so furious that the only thing he could do was go to the Science Department to research the topic of going back. Aben was assisted in getting in touch with Hawkins by McCarron. The absence of gallium in this world surprised Aben, who wanted to talk to Hawkins about the Alpha problem but felt that returning would be too challenging.


Later on, when Juvina returned from her break at work, he spoke with Abben more on business-related topics. Abeng left the house to drink alone because he was so furious. When Aben was intoxicated, he ran across Jesse and a few other individuals at a party who just so happened to be discussing Juvina, so he paid close attention. They thought Juvina was a monster. Despite Jesse’s efforts, Juvina was unable to talk. Aben rushed up to fight beside them because he couldn’t help himself.


Together, Abben and Jesse fought while defending Juvina. Despite their minor injuries, they become close friends. Jesse was questioned by Aben if he had any affections for Juvina. Jesse proclaimed his love but was unaware of the interaction between men and women since he lived in a society dominated by males and did not comprehend it. Abben dismissed Juvina’s question about whether he had engaged in combat when she noticed his injuries the following morning. Instead, Juvina was itching his feet when Abben first noticed her wearing high heels.

When Juvina arrived at the workplace and saw that Jesse had also been hurt, he hurried to the store to obtain medication for Jesse before administering it to Jesse. Juvina was receiving medication from Abben. He was unhappy to see Juvina giving Jesse medication, so he disregarded it and departed. Many individuals find wearing high-heeled shoes from the Venus brand unpleasant. When they disparage the Venus brand online, Jesse wants to sue them. Juvina employed mechanical analysis to determine if he could develop high-heeled shoes that were simpler to wear because he thought that if the shoes were difficult to wear, he would have to sue those individuals for being improper.


Juvina contacted Aben and thanked him for the medication when she had time. Hawkins would videoconference with them in the afternoon, and Abeng encouraged Juvina to be on time. Juvina was filming a commercial at four in the afternoon, but production was delayed for a bit since the main actor failed to appear. Fortunately, Jesse was eventually identified by the director as a stand-in, and the advertisement was successfully produced. Juvenal had a close contact with Jesse while she was filming a commercial, which caused her to get fascinated and cause her to entirely forget about the video conversation with Hawkins.


When Juvenal returned from his break at work, he questioned Abben on the video call. Abben couldn’t care less about being upset since he didn’t anticipate someone to shatter their window at this moment and he didn’t want to talk to Juvenal. The following day, Aben insisted on sending Juvina to the business since he was concerned about Juvenal. Juvina was startled when she unexpectedly got another menacing parcel from a black admirer after arriving at the business.


Dr. Li conducted extensive research and discovered that although they produced the same uterine environment as Juvena, they were still unable to effectively fertilize, necessitating Juvena for normal reproduction. When Benson enquired about the matter with Dr. Li, he discovered that their gene replication problems were a significant issue. In their reality, there may be a second extinction of humans if they were unable to breed organically.


Benson went to Juvina to talk to her on the topic of natural reproduction after hearing about the circumstance. He was also seeking for a man who Juvina would like so that she could experience feelings at the same time. Benson enquired of Aben whether he liked Juvina. Aben listed several requirements, but Jesse matched every need, which gave him great discomfort. Aben was surprised by Juvina, who also assisted Aben in enjoying his birthday. Aben felt really moved and joyful. Jason had never taken part in such an event before, so he was astounded as well.


McCarron replied to Abben that there was no way to mine gallium owing to budgetary constraints. There was little chance of his going back to the first planet. To play games with Juvina’s folks, Abben went home. Juvina urged her parents to offer her food and drink as soon as she got home from work. Abben became more angrier with Juvina because he thought she was taking advantage of being treated like a queen. angry. Juvina and Aben occasionally argued, with Aben accusing Juvina of never wanting to return home and even more of killing Alpha and bringing them into this world.


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