Vireak Boros Hour Yean Chea Chinese Drama Speak Khmer 04

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Vireak Boros Hour Yean Chea Chinese Drama Speak Khmer Huo Yuanjia led his family out while hearing gunfire and fighting coming from the direction of his house. Huo Yuanjia tried to save his father, but his mother, who was crying, eventually stopped him. Huo’s mother advised her son to comprehend the arduous labor involved in being a father. Yingsi came to the conclusion that the Huo family had a hidden tunnel that Huo Endi finally closed. Huo Endi and his son Huo Yuandong sadly perished in the ferocious struggle. Still, Huo Yuanjia returned home and discovered his father and older brother had passed away. At the inn, Takashi hosted a feast alongside Herman and Yamamoto. He was certain that Huo Yuanjia would undoubtedly return to exact retribution.


Huo Yuanjia established his family, refrained from following his pupils, carried the Wang Wudao and the Huo family pistol, and went to the post house by himself to exact retribution. In the post house, Ying Si has put up a dragnet. Huo Yuanjia battled with German Hermann, Japanese Yamamoto, and Chinese Ying Si, all of whom were on death sentence. Finally, he was outnumbered and destroyed by Ying Si due to exhaustion. His existence was acceptable. Nong Jinsun led the revolutionaries and disciples of Huomen at the crucial time to save Huo Yuanjia. Huo Yuanjia, who was residing in the demolished temple more than ten days later, had recouped his vigor and scheduled a meeting with Nong Jinsun for that evening.

Huo Yuanjia joined Nong Jinsun as a sworn brother in order to return his compassion. However, Nong Jinsun persuaded Huo Yuanjia that the real villain was the ruthless and cowardly Qing administration, which acted both ways. Yingsi was only a servant, and a modern hero must extend his perspective and bear the weight of history. To Huo Yuanjia, these words had a significant meaning. Clearly, the two individuals have quite different perspectives on the turbulent times. Huo Yuanjia said Nong Jinsun farewell and set out with his family on a path to safety. Huo Yuanjia requested Wang to return to her parents’ house on the way so she wouldn’t end up being blamed. Wang hurled himself into a river to express his actual emotions since his nature is like a raging fire.



Huo Yuanjia had to reconsider his new bride after saving Wang. After the war, the Allied Forces Dutong Yamen governed Tianjin, and Ying Si’s henchmen were all over the place. Huo Yuanjia escaped to the valley of his homeland in Dongguang with his mother, his family, and his trainees in order to cover their identities and create wasteland. Several of Huo Yuanjia’s trainees resisted his attempts to dismiss them, despite his best efforts. Due to their dissimilar temperaments, various trainees, including the experienced Liu Zhensheng, the vengeful Gao Qi, the youthful master A Fa, the sincere martial arts fool Xu Dayou, and the cunning Xiao Wu, frequently clash. Gao Qi and A Fa argue, and when the Wang family modifies their relationship, they are able to reconcile. Huo Yuanjia had a greater respect for his wife’s cunning and talent, and their marriage gradually got closer. Afa also had a secret crush on the maid Xiaolian at this time, although she had a soft place for Xu Dayou. After the New Year, Liu Zhensheng brought him back to court and decided not to pursue the subject of grabbing the head. He had gone out to gather information.

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