September 26, 2023

North Sulawesi’s Manado (ANTARA) – Syarif Burhanuddin, Senior Advisor for Agricultural Products Downstreaming at the Ministry of Agriculture, expressed the expectation that working with investors would help indigenous farmers learn how to grow Stevia.

“The partnership is anticipated to boost the economic and wellbeing of the populace. However, it should be underlined that the most crucial factor is that knowledge transfer would make such a partnership better, Burhanuddin remarked here on Sunday.

According to him, the collaboration in the cultivation of Stevia will likely extend to other products.

He said that the government is looking for ways to make it easier for investors who are eager to invest in Indonesia by creating appropriate legislation that would also help the local community.

“All stakeholders must collaborate, including farmers, regional governments, security agencies, and investors. Without cooperation, we would achieve nothing, Burhanuddin declared.

On a three-hectare plot of land in the Minahasa District, local farmers have collaborated with investor PT Gagak Perkasa Indokor to raise the Stevia plant, a sweetener and sugar replacement.

South Korea will receive the shipment of the product.

Burhanuddin claimed that the success of Stevia cultivation will persuade other businesses to engage in similar collaboration.

“The idea is to prevent monopolies since they would result in unfairness and uneven treatment, which would in turn cause unrest. Consequently, we anticipate investors to pass their knowledge, he said.

Prior to reviewing the situation of farmers and business owners of the Porang plant in Kayuuwi Village, the minister’s senior adviser spoke to farmer organizations and the investor of Stevia growing during his visit to the Minahasa District.

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