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Thara Hemalai Thai Drama

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Synopsis Thara Hemalai Thai Drama

Thara Hemalai Thai Drama The ideal successor to the throne is Prince Phuwanet (Atichart Chumnanon). countries in Parawat Coming to Thailand was His Majesty in the name of the Father of Mercy, Vasuthep (Kriangkrai Unhanan). When Bhuwanet was on a mission in Thailand, Sameer (Prakit Bosuwan), the police head and Chadul (Nopphon Komarachul), the ambitious prime minister who wanted to succeed Vasuthep as ruler, killed him. Rajiv, the prince’s bodyguard and close friend, carried out this operation. He is played by Mawin Thaweephol. Rajiv was coerced into participating, but he used cunning to convert the situation into an advantage. Rajiv choose to fire a gun. The corpse was pushed by Bhuvanesh, who was in a manageable danger, and it was thrown at Thiptara. He was then covered up and transferred to the Pak Chong District Hospital, where he discreetly saved his life.

In the Neurological and Brain Center of Pak Chong Hospital, Thipthara (Kimberly Ann Voltemus), also known as Dr. Nam, practices medicine. Bhuwanet Fever is owned by Dr Thipthara. A remarkable quadruplet named Thipthara was born to Rai Adisuan. She has three identical brothers: Pathapee (Prin Suparat or Din), a dashing planner with a predilection for ladyboys, and Wayupak (Pakorn Chatborirak or Lom), a charming, jovial young man. Akkanee or Fai (Nadech Kugimiya), a charming young guy who is the most impatient person in the home, is the final individual. Before receiving a magnificent present from Montri (Santisuk), four lovely young people—two men and a woman—were the products of contemporary gift-making. Suphansa (Chintara Sukpat) and Phromsiri (Phromsiri), a married couple from Pak Chong, are the proprietors of a winery, a dairy farm, and a posh resort.


Outside, Thipthara seems to be a fortunate woman, protected by three men who serve as her bodyguards and forbid any males from approaching her. She didn’t start dreaming about love again until she was bored to tears. Naphat or Nat (Sorrawit Subun), a tall, gorgeous young doctor, and Thipthara discreetly start dating. Pam, the nurse who looks after her closest friend, or Preeyanuch (Maneerat Kham-uan) are waiting as a supporter in this connection. Upon seeing the target right away, the three brothers determine that he is gay. Thipthara was persuaded to end their relationship with Nat as a result of sexual misbehavior, but she didn’t accept their arguments. To demonstrate Nat’s taunting, the three young guys had to come up with a method. Thip Thara experienced a lot of agony during the procedure that exposed the Taew glands and caused chaos.


Her brothers would frequently find her hiding, so she would stay in Bhuvanesh’s secret room. Bhuvanesh was in a delirious state and proclaimed himself to be the ruler of Parawat till he came to. People working in the hospital found his craziness humorous. Thiptara, for whom I feel pity, must gradually come to terms with the facts. Occasionally, she was powerless to avoid using unpleasant language. But it was successful. The nurses always ran and dispersed when Phuwanet refused to take the medication out of his rage. Come and take charge, Thiptara. Bhuvanesh never yielded to anyone from his birth. Yet I’m puzzled as to why I was forced to yield to this strange woman.


There were ups and downs in her relationship with Nat while Thipthara was caring for Phuwanet. The more they obstructed Nat, the closer Thiptara and Phuwanet’s connection became, but Earth, Agni, and Vayupak were unaware of this. Bhuvanesh receives attentive care from Thiptara, and over time the two grow close. likewise, empathy for one another


The signs of Bhuvanesh rapidly abated. Bhubanes was soon given the go-ahead to leave the facility despite continuing to act amnesic. Phuwanet requested Thipthara’s help at Adisuan Farm since he was unable to reach his family. denying memory and saying She begged her brothers to hire her as a field laborer so that they could feel some compassion for Thipthara. As long as he refrains from speaking and maintains a false silence.

It didn’t take Phuwanet long to become used to his new surroundings and he quickly sought out a means to be as near Thipthara as he could. When Thipthara was close to Phuwanet, she felt a trembling from the proximity. Stop trying to stand out from the crowd in relation to your standing. By removing his beard to hide himself, Bhuvanesh established his status as a royal. and provide information that demonstrates his identity According to Thipthara, she was astonished to learn Phuwane’s true rank because of Phuwane’s regular mental state and the same person’s princely visage, but she realized right away that Mr. Pu Pen was indeed the Prince of Parawat. Prof. Nat confessed to Thipthara after questioning his manhood. To the delight of Thipthara’s three elder siblings, she was asked to see a doctor.


They requested to use the computer in Thiptara’s room when Rajiv and Varun started corresponding with Bhuvanesh online. The three oldest brothers were nearly captured on several occasions. Also, Bhuvanesh’s charisma frequently came dangerously close to winning her over. Regarding her sentiments, she was incredibly perplexed. A Karen villager’s birth on the mountain was the reason Phuwanet and Thipthara went there. The route into the village was closed when we got back because of the heavy rain. The two were required to stay in the hamlet, and that evening, the lovely environment and their ripe emotions contributed to their heightened emotions. Phuvanesh also binge-drank up till he arrived. The following night, Bhuvanesh had possession of Thipthara.
The three brothers raced to the town after learning that their beloved sister was trapped on the mountain and were miffed to see their sister hanging out by herself with the farmhands. The absence of anything was verified by Thipthara. The anomaly was only picked up on by Vayupak. However, he made the choice to keep it a secret.
As soon as Chadul and Samir at Parawat heard that Prince Bhuvanesh had survived, they promptly dispatched someone to the hospital to find him. As soon as possible, Rajiv and Varun transmitted news to Bhubaneswar in order to flee. In a rush, Thipthara urged Wayuphak to take her after consulting with him. A grape estate was where Bhuvanesh went to hide. And Thipthara was forced to reveal the things that took place on a rainy night in the mountain village. and informs about Bhuvanesh’s condition Vayupak offers to assist, but before doing so, he throws a punch right at Phuvanesh in the face. My adored sister’s bullying has been punished. Vayupak then led him to a wine estate where they could hide. and falsely claimed to have quit to others Bhuvanesh received news from Rajiv and Varun that he needed to leave the country right away when Chadul dispatched someone to the Adisuan farm, posing as a relative and looking for him.


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