Tep Proyut Lompeng Mekhea Chines Drama Speak Khmer 01

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Tep Proyut Lompeng Mekhea Chines Drama Speak Khmer She was a dedicated swordswoman in Shang Gu, but now that she has gained far more strength, her personality has altered significantly. Shang Gu no longer responds to Bai Jue’s previous provocative tactics. Bai Jue afterwards made his way back to the God Realm. Bai Jue was instructed to treat the ancients with respect and not to chastise or punish them by Tianqi and Zhiyang. Bai Jue argued the opposite. Tianqi and Zhi Yang couldn’t help but be a little taken aback when they heard that Bai Jue had opened a divine vein for the ancient times. He had come here to obtain four relics for the ancients: Phoenix Feather, Xuan Turtle Armor, Qi Long Horn, and Xuan Jin Tie. Zhi Yang offered Bai Jue three treasures, but Bai Jue insisted that she go to Beihai herself since Xuan Jin Tie was there. Zhi Yang warned Bai Jue before he left that the ancient divine veins had been exposed, and he was worried that the first tragedy was about to occur. Around the ancients, Bai Jue should exercise caution and not be thoughtless. In the bamboo grove, Shanggu was honing his swordplay skills. Both Bai Jue and the barrier that would have protected her were absent. Shanggu was the target of the demons. Shanggu only perceived a significant rise in her power at this point. Hongri tried to convince her, but she proceeded to battle the demons anyhow.


At this very moment, the first thunder calamity struck the old globe, and Bai Jue hastened back. To stop the terrible tragedy of the past, he moved forward. He quietly admired in his heart how wonderful the ancient heavenly veins had been when they had first opened. The earth will be upended in the future when the ancients take over God’s throne. Without informing the old, Bai Jue silenced the thunder from the sky. The ancient believed erroneously that his future was favorable. Bai Jue utilized four treasures to craft a magic weapon for the ancient after stifling the thunder. too much energy and passed out. Jiuyou’s Xuan Yi was already aware that Bai Jue had assisted the old gods in surviving the calamity and creating artifacts. He showed a lot of attention. The old gods had learned from Apocalypse for ten thousand years, but they had never attained enlightenment. Bai Jue could create the gods of antiquity in a matter of months. He longed to meet the primary chaos deity who was so drawn to Bai Jue, and his pulse was racing. When Bai Jue passed out, Hong Ri attended to her. Only then did Shang Gu discover from Hong Ri that Bai Jue had stopped 49 thunderbolts for her and that during the time of her severe soul injury, Bai Jue had made artifacts for her. Shanggu keeps a record of all Bai Jue has done for him in his heart. Shanggu prevented Hongri from going to the God Realm to beg Zhiyang to come and heal Bai Jue. She instructed Hongri to go so she could fortify the barrier and get ready. Bai Jue deserves the heavenly power. Shanggu used his divine power, but it was unable to pass through Bai Jue’s body. Shanggu was forced to approach Bai Jue and kiss her, allowing the heavenly energy to enter Bai Jue’s body.

When Watching Mountain’s barrier fell, Xuan Yi realized that Bai Jue’s origin had been harmed. To meet with Bai Jue and the ancients, he was traveling to Watch Mountain. Bai Jue was awakened on the opposite side. He believed that Tianqi had come to heal him in error. Shang Gu smiled to himself as he observed Bai Jue in good health. Following this encounter, she began to revere Bai Jue as her major deity. Jue became his mentor and dedicated his life to developing spiritual strength; he would later walk with Bai Jue. Once more, the devils pounced on Wangwang Mountain. The demons enticed Bai Jue away, and Shang Gu was captured by them. She yelled for assistance. Bai Jue traveled to Jiuyou in order to save Shang Gu, and there they crossed paths. Xuanyi the Demon Lord was killed. The destination of Xuan Yi’s journey was Bai Jue. He retaliated against Bai Jue, caught him, and took the ancients. Bai Jue’s comments were something Shang Gu never forgot, yet she avoided Xuan Yi’s gaze. Bai Jue’s intentions toward Shang Gu were brought up by Xuan Yi, who believed that Bai Jue was drawn to Shang Gu Hong Luan. Shang Gu lifted her head to gaze at Xuan Yi in an attempt to refute what he had said, but instead she gave into Xuan Yi’s delusion. For the purpose of confusing the ancients, Xuan Yi created a bogus Bai Jue. The authentic Bai Jue arrived to the ancients at a crucial time.


He overcame Xuan Yi’s deception. Even though he eliminated all of Bai Jue thousands of years ago, Xuan Yi was able to discern Bai Jue’s intents for the ancients. When Jue’s men ordered soldiers, Bai Jue was not as furious. Since Bai Jue’s spiritual might had been compromised, he was only able to breach the barrier to let Gu Gu to escape first. Bai Jue had intended to take Gu Gu and depart from Jiuyou. He noticed Tianqi and Zhiyang’s figures after Shanggu had departed. Bai Jue entering Jiuyou did not startle the two. Only then did Shanggu understand that Bai Jue had planned the entire scenario. In accordance with the original plan, Tianqi and Zhiyang arrived to assist Bai Jue when the Jiuyou barrier was damaged. Xuan Yi was momentarily imprisoned on the deity-binding platform when the three triggered the God-binding configuration that the ancestor deity had left behind. Bai Jue had enraged Shanggu. She believed Bai Jue was only using her as a pawn. She had first believed that Bai Jue was genuinely trying to forge weapons to shield her from the catastrophe, but everything turned out to be part of Bai Jue’s plot. On the other hand, Xuan Yi had previously planned for Bai Jue’s action. This time, he overcame the last line of protection for the ancestral gods. The ancients would undoubtedly return to him if they desired to exercise the power of chaos. He wasn’t rushing, either.

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