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Somnom Reourng Krong Lor Yang Gao Bingzhu might have visited the Xunshan Palace if he had known something was wrong, according to Siyue and Baili Hongyi. When they got to the Xunshan Palace, Liu Xiang had already taken poison to end his life. They accused Gao Bingzhu of making his own decisions. The saint turned the case over to Gao Sheng after irrefutable proof of Liu Xiang’s corruption of the Mo copper mine through privately manufactured weapons and fake money emerged. Investigations into the Bailiyan case, a raid on the Linchuan company, Liu Xiang’s suicide and admission of guilt, as well as the opening of the bad well, have all taken place. Wei Qing was brought by Siyue to the copper smelting facility. Analysis by Gongzi Chu and Gao Bingzhu revealed a significant disparity between the quantity of fake currency and the copper mines that had been taken. They had the opinion that Liu Xiang’s death was simply the result of leaving the vehicle on the Spring and Autumn Road in order to protect the commander, and that the imminent return of the copper mines had been stolen. Chinese bieye. At the same time, Baili Hongyi realized there was a problem with the privately minted copper coins. Baili Hongyi walked down to the bad well by himself to hunt for hints and discovered the foundry there.


Under a poor well, Baili Hongyi and Gao Bingzhu found a foundry. Gao Bingzhu made the decision to take Baili Hongyi to meet Wang Dengcheng rather than report the incident to the authorities in order to safeguard the poor well. However, Wang Dengcheng exhibited peculiar behavior. Gao Bingzhu mentioned that he might be experiencing some sort of issue and expressed his suspicions. Baili Hongyi went in search of support. Except for Yuan Fei, who is on the run and whose mansion was seized by internal guards, every person connected to the Xunshan Duke’s Mansion has been brought to justice. Wang Dengcheng exposed his actual face when Gao Bingzhu and he visited the Military Foundry. At this point, Song Liang arrived with his army. Song Liang has apparently previously enrolled in the Spring and Autumn Taoism. Siyue and Baili Hongyi led the troops that Gao Bingzhu and he raised to revolt after he encouraged them to do so. Rushing to the foundry were people. Yuan Fei led his soldiers to set up an ambush halfway on the other side with the goal of attacking Wu Youjue. Yuan Fei died as a result of his failed raid on Wu You. It turned out that Song Liang had previously scheduled a meeting with Wu Youjue, and just before Wu Youjue was to arrive, Siyue informed him that Song Liang was having a problem. The internal guards and Song Liang’s soldiers engaged in combat in the military casting studio. Izayoi appeared as Siyue and his troops surrounded Song Liang.



When Gao Bingzhu and Izayoi reach a deadlock, Li Beiqi appears and captures Gao Bingzhu. Gao Bingzhu is returned to the inner guard as a suspect when Izaye makes her escape. Gao Bingzhu was coerced into admitting that he had conspired with Song Liang regarding the circumstances of a well-educated person’s life by Wu You in order to keep Siyue and Gao Bingzhu from becoming involved. Siyue made the decision to apprehend Wang Deng in order to defend Gao Bingzhu. Once more, Lian Fang missed the chance to oppose Song Liang. The sage appointed King Wu Sanyu of Jin to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter and admonished King Dongchuan to swiftly get rid of Lian Fang in order to secure Prince Chu’s position. Five years ago, Song Liang and Gao Bingzhu worked together to save the prince. This was intended by Wu Sanyu to frame the East Palace. He gave Wu Youjue the order to deliver Gao Bingzhu to Dali Temple so that Gao Sheng might try him. Wang Dengcheng was located by Siyue, who unexpectedly passed out from the smoke. Siyue ended up under Wang Dengcheng’s care. Where Wang Dengcheng was, only Gao Bingzhu was aware. Prince Chu was tasked by Baili Hongyi to free Gao Bingzhu from the Dali Temple’s holding cell.


In a collapsed temple in the mountains, Gao Bingzhu discovered Wang Dengcheng, Gao Mu—who was unconscious—and Siyue—whose hands and feet were bound. Ineffectively trying to convince Gao Bingzhu to join the Spring and Autumn Tao, Wang Dengcheng brandished a knife to coerce Gao Bingzhu into making out with Gao Mu and Siyue. choose. The insane Gao Mu suddenly woke up at this point. It turned out that she had been maintaining a false sense of insanity and had remained in the dangerous well in order to avoid burdening Gao Bingzhu. Gao Mu committed suicide, leaving only the last words for Gao Bingzhu to locate his sister Azan so as not to humiliate him. Pei Jian and his men then showed up, Siyue was saved, and Wang Dengcheng was taken into custody. Gao Bingzhu vanished after being privately released. Siyue looked far and wide and even voiced her opposition to Wu Youjue. Liu Shi, who was engaging in Taoism outside of Shendu, came back. He discovered Liu Ran had fled his house when he got to Baili Mansion. He convinced Baili Hongyi to extend an invitation to Liu Ran to return because he reasoned that his daughter must have been wronged. In reality, Liu Ran located Siyue while hiding in the Liubai Building and confronted her. Siyue consoles Liu before departing.



Princess Changle is invited by Siyue after they meet. The Song Liang case trial was presided over by the King of Jin. In order to convince the saint of his innocence, the prince sought Siyue’s assistance out of fear of being bit. Siyue discovered that Chunqiu Dao killed the prince and that Song Liang was in charge of finding him. He also managed to capture Chunqiu Dao chief Xiaoyaozi alive; at the time, Xiaoyaozi was being held in the inner guard. Liu Ran, who had escaped his house, was discovered by Baili Hongyi in the Liubai Building, and he was brought back to the Baili Mansion. From Xiaoyaozi, Siyue discovered that Gui Zangfeng had left the world and that the Spring and Autumn Dao had not been wiped out five years prior. They had been watching for the chance while dormant. Izayoi was the murderer who was skilled with the halberd. Baili Hongyi decided to visit the Lianshan copper mine in Hezhou where the informant and his daughter had previously worked after learning that the weapons he had gathered from the weapons foundry were not made of genuine Lianshan copper. Baili Hongyi Hongyi declined, but Liu Ran insisted on going with him. Liu Ran managed to stow away in Baili Hongyi’s suitcase, but she eventually found him. Liu Ran agreed to go back to Shendu when Baili Hongyi requested her to because she was concerned for her safety, but she surreptitiously followed the automobile.

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