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Sne Paem Cheang Skor Four years ago, the wedding of Chen Xiaofei and Lin Duomei was being held. Lin Duojun is Lin Duomei’s brother. Looking at this scene, he also wants to marry his lover Wen Xin. The Lin family likes the beautiful Wenxin very much, and they get along very happily with her. After Chen Xiaofei and Lin Duomei got married, they often went to pick her up at home. Once, Chen Xiaofei noticed Wen Xin’s leaving shadow and felt very familiar. Chen Xiaofei asked Lin Duomei who this person was, and Lin Duomei said that the woman’s name was Wenxin. Chen Xiaofei thought for a while and thought that he didn’t know anyone with this name. Lin Duojun wanted to marry Wenxin, but Wenxin didn’t want to get married so early… Wenxin returned home with her family. The adoptive mother at home did not welcome Wenxin’s arrival, and even accused Wenxin of treating her home as a hotel. Come and go anywhere, I have spent a lot of money cultivating Wenxin over the years, and now Wenxin doesn’t know how to repay herself. Sister Wen refuted her mother’s statement, but Wen Xin said that she would definitely return the tuition fees to her mother. The next day, Wen Xin’s mother sent Wen Xin to cook porridge. At this time, Wen Xin had just put the porridge on the gas stove when she heard someone calling her downstairs. Wenxin looked down and saw that it was Lin Duojun who came to find her. Wenxin was very happy and went straight downstairs to find Lin Duojun, completely forgetting about the porridge being cooked on the stove. Mother Wen smelled the burnt smell in the house, rushed into the kitchen and saw that the pot had been burnt black, and all the porridge inside was burnt. Wen Xin and Lin Duojun came back from playing outside. Wen Xin’s mother was very angry and accused Wen Xin of not working hard at all, causing the pot to burn dry, and slapped Wen Xin hard in the face. Wenxin was very sad for such a mother and went back to her room alone to cry silently. Wenxin recalled the good times when she was a child. She had a good friend named Chen Xiaofei who always stayed by her side and played with her. They had a very good relationship with her. Thinking about the happy times before, Wenxin felt increasingly sad and desperate.

Sne Paem Cheang Skor

Rating 10
Status: Ongoing Type: TV
Sne Paem Cheang Skor The main character of the television series "Because Love is Beautiful" is Lin Duomei, portrayed by Zhao Hanyingzi, who was raised in a happy home. She is nice and innocent, and she and her husband Chen Xiaofei (Jiang Yi) enjoy a blissful marriage. Wen Jie, the brother of Wen Xin (Hai Lu), and Lin Duomei met overseas. Wen Xin married into the Lin family after returning to China, and to her surprise, she found that Chen Xiaofei, the husband of Lin Duomei, was her first and most memorable love. Chen Xiaofei, the obtrusive son-in-law, has been putting in a lot of effort for the Lin family but hasn't gotten enough credit for it. Chen Xiaofei is also troubled by the complaints of the preceding generation, which leaves him feeling confused and dejected. Wenxin did not, however, receive dependable delight from lying. Following her marriage, she was questioned by Lin Duojun (played by Li Tai), who revealed the truth and made her lose trust. Wen Xin and Chen Xiaofei kept going in the wrong direction due to a string of mishaps. They continued to make errors, which caused Lin Duomei and his family much distress. Lin Duomei was altered following a series of punches. She persisted in trying to better herself with the support of Peng Guanying's Ye Nandi and Lu Enhua's Du Ruonan, her closest friend. She also diligently looked into the facts surrounding her father's passing and the company's bankruptcy, ultimately bringing the guilty parties to justice. Some punishment. After much searching, Lin Duomei eventually found true love and wed Ye Nandi. Lin Duojun looks after his sister Lin Duomei well in the play. He is Lin's eldest son, tall and good-looking. He cared for Wenxin with enthusiasm after they first met, chasing her like mad. Wenxin dislikes Lin Duojun despite being Lin Duojun's wife. All she wants is to lead a happy life. She learns after marrying Lin Duojun that her first love, whom she still can't forget, was Lin Duomei, the sister of Lin Duojun. Chen Xiaofei replaced Chen Yilin as his new name. The past love returned, and she went to great lengths and did all the wrong things for her own satisfaction in an attempt to reclaim her former attractiveness. His IQ suddenly returned to that of a kid after he unintentionally struck his head and learned of the infidelity between his wife and brother-in-law Chen Xiaofei. Nevertheless, Wang Yating's family, friends, and a rehabilitation psychologist all contributed to his memory being fully recovered. The play's characters have a convoluted and perplexing emotional tale since the love stories of multiple young couples are entwined. Whether it was Nandi's unwavering protection or Duomei's courage and fortitude, they all exuded pure optimism to the audience. They not only dismantled the conspiracy thoroughly but also demonstrated the effectiveness of justice via their deeds.


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