September 27, 2023

Students at Bumpers College with majors in agricultural education, communication, and technology include Kaylee Shoemaker (on the left) and Noralee Townsend.

Kaylee Shoemaker and Noralee Townsend, both University of Arkansas students, have been chosen to earn $1,000 scholarships from Arkansas Women in Agriculture in 2023.

Both are majoring in agricultural education, communication, and technology at the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences. Townsend is from Rose Bud, whereas Shoemaker is from Conway.

Shoemaker is pursuing a degree in agricultural education with the goal of teaching agricultural science. Townsend studies agricultural leadership and agricultural communications. From an early age, both have worked in the agricultural sector.

When he was five years old, Shoemaker began working in agriculture. Throughout high school, she was an avid 4-H and FFA member. She has worked with her family’s beef cattle enterprise since she was a little child.

Townsend developed her own herd of about 30 Angus and Brangus cattle while growing up on her family’s cow-calf and hay farm. She now has memberships in the National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow and the Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association.

A private nonprofit organization called Arkansas Women in Agriculture seeks to empower women who work in agriculture by offering educational programming and a network of resources.

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