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Robam Banh Cham Chet Thai Drama Speak Khmer

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Synopsis Robam Banh Cham Chet Thai Drama Speak Khmer

Robam Banh Cham Chet Thai Drama Speak Khmer To reconnect once more Pai Phongsathorn and Tai Orathai. In the life-or-death drama from the northern area, “Heir of the Sticky Rice Breed,” the conflict over who would inherit the vast quantities of chili paste is told. The sweetness will increase amongst the brothers and sisters of the sticky rice breed that we encountered this time. Famous country actors and singers like Yinglee Srijumpol, Kaimook-Rungrat Mengpanich, Kong-Witthaya Thepthip, R-Anatphon Sirichumsaeng, Nat Thew. Phaingam, May-Bandita Thanwiset, Tree Chainarong, Ple-Jarunee Suksawat, Golf-Benjaphon Cheiarun, etc. are also included. Tum-Banjerd Phutthasopit directed Butrat Butprom’s script.


A narrative is called “The Heir to the Sticky Rice Breed.” When Boonhome Khampaengkul (Wit-Phutharit), the proprietor of the processed glutinous rice plant, passed away, there was conflict in the industry. Prepared to make a will and leave Jay (Tai Orathai), the boss’ mistress, the inheritance. well until she started making the other kids unhappy. causing the siblings to fight with one another in a violent manner. With Ashwin (Kong-Witthaya), an orphan whom the boss helps, Fah Prim (Kaimook-Rungrat), the boss’s lone granddaughter, stands forward to take the managerial position. However, Prim was surreptitiously attacked by an unkind person. In order to defend himself, Jay employs Lieutenant Ken (Pai Phongsathorn).

The exciting and entertaining narrative has started at this event! Likewise the conflict between the sticky rice breed’s sisters and brothers. But it’ll be enjoyable. How disorderly is it? The first episode of the drama “Heir of the Khao Noodles,” which premiered on February 16th on Channel One 31, will be available to watch every Monday through Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

“Jay” was let go from her position!

Underdog Jay (Tai Orathai), a manufacturing worker. Covid Until’s side effects forced him to reinvent himself as a conventional masseuse. But adversity hit, and the shop’s proprietor lost his job. because of a dispute he had there with customers and staff!!


Before she passes away, “Thae Kae Boonhom” want to see another daughter.

As soon as the three siblings learned that Tao Kae Boonhome (Wit-Phutharit) had pleaded with their mother, Ratee (May-Bandita), Obboon (Ar-Anatphon), and Sita (Ying Lee). All three of the children hurried to stop Mother Buarian when Buarian (Ple-Jarunee) instructed her to locate another daughter born from another boss wife. for fear of having his things stolen


To meet with “Thae Kae Boonhom,” “Prim-Ashwin” searched down “Jay.”

For the last time, Boss Boonhome (Wit-Phutharit) requests that Prim (Kaimook-Rungrat) and Ashwin (Kong-Witthaya) go in search of Jay (Tai Orathai), another daughter. Prior to Mr. Boonhom’s health deteriorating


“Lieutenant Ken” has been instructed to resign from the government!

Lieutenant Ken (Pai Phongsathorn) conducts a casino raid in the meanwhile. With the criminals, there was a gunfight that had fatal consequences. When the commander learned about the situation, he promptly ordered Lieutenant Ken to resign from the government service.


As “Prim’s” personal bodyguard, “Jay” asks “Lieutenant Ken” to join him.

When guys in black attacked Prim (Kaimook-Rungrat), Jay (Tai Orathai) begged Lieutenant Ken (Pai Phongsathorn) to protect him. in order to ensure his granddaughter’s security


The goal of “Kanya” is to remove “Jay” from Kamphaengkul’s home.

Jay (Tai Orathai), who is playing Kanya (Lamyong Nong Hin Hao), is threatening to come and seize her possessions. Wit-Phutharit, the leader of Boonhome, went and made some cunning measures to drive Jie out of Kamphaengkul’s home.


“Thae Kae Boonhom” makes decisions about wills.

Before leaving, Tao Kae Boonhome (Wit-Phutharit) calls Ashwin (Kong-Witthaya) to come and discuss his intention to grant Jay (Tai Orathai) shares in the Buarian Food Company. Died


Along the journey, “Ashwin” was attacked and robbed.

On their way to deliver the will, Ashwin (Kong-Witthaya) and Prim (Kaimook-Rungrat) were robbed by a robber. To verify the validity, Tao Kae Boonhome (Wit-Phutharit) signed the document.


“Jay” is requested by “Lieutenant Ken” to assist in finding the offender.

When Lieutenant Ken (Pai Phongsathorn) sees Lieutenant Jay (Tai Orathai), he can fight. He also belongs to the group Ban Kamphaengkul. Then Lieutenant Ken requests Jay’s assistance in identifying the perpetrator of the covert assault. Prim (Kaimook-Rungrat) because Lieutenant Ken thought the Buarian Food firm could have worms.


The “ratee” and the “employees” bargain.

Buarian Food Company employees came together to seek yearly bonuses. When Ratee (May-Bandita) learned about the situation, she hurried to negotiate. But it simply served to increase employee unhappiness. till they rebelled and caused mayhem.


“Jay” offers to speak with the “workers”

Jay (Tai Orathai) observes that the Bua Rian Food Company workers’ protest is continuing in a chaotic state and showing no indications of cooling down. He offered to speak and convince the employees to resume their regular shifts.


“Jay” persuades the staff.

The event abruptly came to an unexpected end when Jay (Tai Orathai) took the platform to urge the employees to report to work as normal.

“Ashwin” has a deep mistrust towards “Rerngrit”

Unintentionally, Ashwin (Kong-Witthaya) saw a scar on his arm. In the same spot as the murderer’s old wound is Ruengrit (Nat Thewpaingam). Ashwin was shocked and worried that Rerngrit could be responsible for his biological father’s passing.


“Lieutenant Ken-Jay” pursues the offender covertly.

One of the bad guys who formerly assaulted them is overheard in private by Lieutenant Ken (Pai Phongsathorn) and Jay (Tai Orathai). On the phone, Prim (Kaimook-Rungrat) mentions that she is en route to visit the big boss. They made the choice to proceed together. in an effort to apprehend the true mastermind!!

In order to control the tumultuous situation in the “Kamphaengkul” home, “Mae Buarian” discovers a solution.

All members of the household were summoned by Mae Buarian (Ple-Jarunee) to a crucial meeting. To figure out how to handle the catastrophic events that took place He showed up at Kamphaengkul’s residence after the burglary and the threat to kill Jay (Tai Orathai) that preceded it.

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