September 27, 2023

Melanie Joy and Bill Schindler are polar opposites when it comes to dietary paths and their hopes for the future of food and farming.

But Joy – a vegan advocate who wants to see more plant-forward dietary habits and food production, rather than meat consumption – and Schindler – a food archeologist and chef in Maryland who contends we should be eating more meat via utilizing more parts of livestock — do agree on some things.

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Melanie Joy

Melanie Joy is a social psychologist who delves into why humans eat meat. She’s the author of “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows” and other books.

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The dry, edible seeds of plants in the legume family including dry peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas can offer protein and nutritional benefits. They are often a favorite of vegetarians, vegans and others trying to reduce their meat consumption.

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France Vegan Festival

Vegan hamburgers are for sale in northern France. Vegan and vegetarian advocates point to the health, climate change and dietary impacts of meat consumption. They also lament the volume of farm subsidies that go to meat producers in the U.S. and across the globe.

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Mideast Egypt Eid Photo Gallery

A butcher cuts meat in Egypt. Food archeologist and chef Bill Schindler advocates human eat more like their ancestors including more natural ingredients and consuming more parts of cows, pigs and other meat rather than always eating chicken breasts and other certain cuts.

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kAmw6 D2:5 H96? 9F>2?D 56G6=@A65 9F?E:?8 H62A@?D E@ 364@>6 AC652E@CD[ @FC 4@==64E:G6 56G6=@A>6?E D@2C65]k^Am

Bill Schindler

Bill Schindler is a food archeologist and chef who looks at traditional and primitive ways of growing, preparing and cooking food. He is also the author of “Eat Like a Human” and wants food systems to look at more sustainable ways to use livestock.

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kAm%92E AC@A6==65 E96 56G6=@A>6?E @7 >62E A24<:?8 A=2?ED[ DE@4<J2C5D 2?5 5:DEC:3FE:@? 9F3D 😕 $E] {@F:D 2?5 r9:428@]k^Am

kAmqFE H:E9 =24< @7 C67C:86C2E:@?[ 2?5 @C82?D 36:?8 2>@?8 E96 >@DE A6C:D923=6[ E96 >62E :?5FDECJ 7@4FD65 @? EC2?DA@CE:?8 2?5 D6==:?8 @E96C 4FED] %96 56G6=@A>6?E @7 DFA6C>2C<6ED 😕 E96 62C=J a_E9 46?EFCJ AC@A6==65 E96 EC6?5 @7 =:>:E65 >62E @AE:@?D]k^Am

kAm$49:?5=6C D2:5 >:?5D6ED ?665 E@ 492?86 2>@?8 4@?DF>6CD[ 8@G6C?>6?E C68F=2E@CD[ 8C@46CJ DE@C6D 2?5 7@@5 AC@5F46CD[ H9:49 7C6BF6?E=J @A6C2E6 😕 G6CJ 4@?D@=:52E65 :?5FDEC:6D] w6 2=D@ E62496D 7@@5 4=2DD6D 23@FE EC25:E:@?2= 2?5 6G6? >@C6 AC:>:E:G6 2AAC@2496D E@ 7@@5 2?5 4@@<:?8] %92E :?4=F56D E2=< E@ DEF56?ED 23@FE 7@C28:?8]k^Am

kAm%92E’D 2 5:776C6?E H@C=5 E92? A2DE 86?6C2E:@?D 2?5 D@>6 @E96C C68:@?D @7 E96 H@C=5[ H96C6 9@FD69@=5D 8C6H >@C6 @7 E96:C @H? 7@@5 G:2 82C56?D 2?5 D>2== 72C>D E92E >:89E :?4=F56 49:4<6?D 2?5 @E96C =:G6DE@4<]k^Am

kAm$>2==6C DF3D:DE6?46 AC@G:56D 7@@5 7@C 2D >2?J a 3:==:@? A6@A=6 H@C=5H:56 2?5 AC@5F46D bdT @7 H@C=5’D 7@@5[ 244@C5:?8 E@ E96 &}]k^Am


Divergent new paths related to food range from vegans and vegetarians who want to see less meat consumption in response to health concerns and climate change to some chefs and food advocates who argue we need to eat more meat.

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