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Reach Veang Chong Chet

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Synopsis Reach Veang Chong Chet

Reach Veang Chong Chet Concubine Yun convinced the emperor to return and rest early after Xixiang left, but she stayed behind to look for Da Niu. After walking a short distance, Xixiang sensed that something wasn’t right, so he decided to return and investigate. He did, however, unintentionally come into Yun Bin’s maid tending to some flowers and plants. Xixiang took the flowers to the imperial doctor’s office for advice after noticing that the flowers were in full bloom but Yun Bin had ordered everyone to get rid of them. The imperial doctor informed her that the flowers were just regular roses and had nothing unusual about them. Disappointed, and preparing to turn back, Xixiang was about to leave, when the imperial doctor abruptly warned her once again that, pretty as the rose flower is, too much blooming will make people’s chests tight and their breaths short. Concubine Yun made the emperor and Da Niu something they both enjoyed. The emperor delightedly took in the joy of his family. Da Niu was unexpectedly visited by Xi Xiang, who brought roses. Da Niu instantly passed out upon inhaling the aroma of rose petals. But in order to acquire favor in the harem, Xixiang called the imperial doctor and revealed that Yun Bin had poisoned the older girl with rose flowers. Yun Bin was sent into the chilly palace by the enraged emperor. In an attempt to appease the emperor, Xixiang seized the chance to align himself with him. However, the emperor also chastised Xixiang for his constant cunning and directed that he and Yun Bin be dealt with jointly. Li Wei was commissioned by Su Peisheng to create a portrait of Lian’er. Lian’er was told by Su Peisheng to wait for the good news after the painting was finished. There will be good times ahead. Li Wei quickly grabbed Lian’er and instructed her to remember him till he rose to fame. Li Wei is his name. Lian’er didn’t understand what Su Peisheng had said and was perplexed. Lian’er’s portrait was brought to the emperor’s study by Su Peisheng, who then set it on the dragon table. Wanbi received a call from the emperor warning her not to cause trouble in the future because if she did, nobody would be able to assist her. The mother and daughter joyfully hugged when the oldest daughter realized the emperor was willing to let her go. Su Peisheng used the occasion to show the emperor artwork and calligraphy. The emperor unpredictably lacked taste and disregarded Su Peisheng’s benevolence. When Su Peisheng, who was in a foul mood, stepped outside to attend a play, he noticed Li Wei was there, waiting all day outside the theater gate to plead with him for a better future. Su Peisheng was forced to present Li Wei as a third-class bodyguard to Commander Cui, the commander of the imperial guard. Li Wei purposefully told all the guards that Su Peisheng had asked him to assist the emperor in painting portraits of beautiful women and was getting ready to show the portraits to the emperor in order to exact revenge on Su Peisheng. Su Peisheng’s painting donation became well-known throughout the palace for a while. Wanbi and Xixiang were concerned that Su Peisheng had actually brought the beauty to the emperor when they heard the stories. As a result, Xixiang pretended to be a eunuch and went to the emperor’s dragon table to replace the image of the beauty with a painting of a landscape. Xixiang was about to recall to go when the emperor entered the study room unexpectedly. The emperor was shown a picture by Su Peisheng, but upon opening it, he discovered that it was a landscape painting. Unaware of what was happening, Su Peisheng was startled when the emperor saw Xixiang standing next to him. Xixiang came to the study to see the emperor, pretending to have missed him. The emperor assured Xixiang that he would meet him that evening. As the emperor had promised, Xixiang seized the chance to take the jade pendant and held onto it until the emperor returned it in the evening. When Su Peisheng met Xixiang, Xixiang purposefully removed the emperor’s jade pendant, said it wasn’t real, and then offered it to Su Peisheng as a pawn. When Su Peisheng saw the money, he smiled and accepted it. When Xixiang got back to the palace, he pointed out that the jade pendant was gone with an intentional cry. Xixiang requested that the emperor locate the misplaced jade jewelry when he arrived. Li Wei stopped Su Peisheng as he was ready to depart the palace. It was revealed to Li Wei that the jade pendant was lost by the emperor. Su Peisheng became acutely aware that he was the target of a conspiracy. Li Wei found the emperor’s jade pendant and gave it to Su Peisheng, who he detested for crossing the river and demolishing the bridge, when Li Wei asked for assistance. Su Peisheng cried out that he had been wronged while on his knees in front of the emperor’s palace. Su Peisheng should not have done such a foolish thing, the emperor knew. Xixiang purposefully caused a rift in front of the emperor by claiming that Su Peisheng intended to accuse Xixiang of misplacing the jade pendant and give the emperor access to a beautiful woman. Enraged, the emperor commanded Su Peisheng to transform into a juvenile eunuch within the imperial tea chamber. Xixiang visited Xinzheku and discovered Yushu and Lian’er. She broke the portrait in front of Lian’er and Yushu after realizing how beautiful Lian’er was, telling them not to pray for things that weren’t rightfully theirs as doing so would prevent them from ever leaving Xinzheku. After Xixiang’s benefit, Aunt Panchun escorted Yushu and Lian’er to the icehouse where fruits were available. She did, however, seize the chance to keep them confined to the icehouse. Lian’er hastily ordered Yushu to run so he wouldn’t freeze to death. Stay warm.


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