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Preashrus Chikong Throbbing Stone GandangRecently, a peculiar itchy ailment has begun plaguing all of the city’s villagers. To purchase Lin Yuanwai’s miracle medication, everyone came to his pharmacy. Master Dapeng informed the villagers that they had the plague after examining their symptoms. He was on medication. They would be able to treat their sicknesses and improve their health if they were healthy as long as everyone took the medication as directed. The peasants were guided by Master Dapeng to Wanrouli’s high-headed chicken stone, Gandang. He informed him that this Gandang of stone was bad. The community made the decision to track down the individual who defied the stone.

This is a dangerous thing, Shi Gandang, said Master Dapeng, vowing to capture Jigong because he thought this stone Gandang belonged to him. Jigong was happy to want to descend the mountain after gathering the medication, but he was stopped by the locals. It was Shi Gandang from Jigong, according to Master Dapeng’s assessment. Jigong did not dispute even though he was aware that Wanrouli was the culprit. Jigong will be burned to death after being tied up by Master Dapeng. When Wanrou discovered that Jigong had accepted responsibility for her, she immediately gave Jigong the full story. Jigong, in Master Dapeng’s opinion, intentionally taught Wanrou how to stand up to stones in the improper method in order to hurt the people. Shi Gandang wanted to stay and assume responsibility because she was obviously the one who Wanrou had chosen as her representative. She begged Master Dapeng to release Jigong, but he insisted on having Wanrou taken away and waiting for a good and lucky day to burn Jigong. When Wanrou spotted Guang Liang and Bi Qing, she wished they could help save her.

Wanrou requested that they hurried to the village to save the populace after Master Dapeng warned that it was his business and requested that Guang Liang and Bi Qing refrain from interfering. Wanrou pleaded with Master Dapeng to let Jigong leave, but Master Dapeng insisted on being married in exchange for Jigong’s release. Wanrou consented to marry Master Dapeng in order to save her husband’s father-in-law, but she first had to meet Jigong. Jigong was questioned by Wanrou about whether or not he held any special affections for her. Wanrou was a big fan of Jigong. Jigong advised Wanrou not to become involved with him any longer, claiming that they were not meant to be. Hearing this made Wanrou very sad. Ghost Face Guanyin is aware that Master Dapeng’s marriage to Wanrou presents a fantastic chance for her. The Buddhist beads that Jigong handed to Wanrou snapped off as the villagers prepared to burn Jigong. The fire was put out just as it was growing more and more intense due to a heavy rain.

Jigong wouldn’t be killed by burning. When Master Dapeng discovered that Jigong was not completely consumed by the flames, he gave the order to set Jigong on fire once more. Jigong used a spell to put out the fire and summon thunder and lightning. Once more learning that Jigong was not burned to death, Master Dapeng made the decision to execute Jigong. Guanyin, who had a ghostly face, emerged with her little demons. She made the choice to murder Jigong first, then consume Wanrou to replenish her strength. Jigong used a spell to flee after realizing Wanrou was in jeopardy. Master Dapeng intentionally misled the locals when he said Jigong was the monster that utilized magic to flee. Ghost-faced Guanyin believed she would succeed in devouring Wanrou this time, but Jigong once more intervened to save Wanrou. When Jigong was taking care of Ghost-faced Guanyin, he instructed Wanrou to hide in Lingyin Temple. Some villagers in the city were devoured by the small creatures, and Ji He chose not to engage Ghost Faced Guanyin in a direct confrontation because he understood that the public was aware of the decline in Ghost Faced Guanyin’s power.



Master Dapeng holds himself responsible for the current outcomes because of his collaboration with the monster. He is currently paying for his actions. Wanrou will undoubtedly be angry with himself if anything bad happens to him. Wanrou and the peasants fled to Lingyin Temple in the hopes that Guang Liang and Biqing would shelter them. Jigong made an appearance at Lingyin Temple, and Dapeng Master charmed the villagers. Jigong was perceived as a demon monk by them. Jigong was a divinity in the sky, therefore Guang Liang explained to the peasants that fire could not burn him. Shi Gan was made clear to be Wanrou’s guardian of the villagers by Wanrou. Because of this, mental tranquility was developed. She only made blunders because of her subpar academic abilities. Jigong pleaded with the locals to pay attention to him so that he might protect them all from harm.

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