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Nisaiy Sne Pon Chnam Arriving in Dangyu City are Qin Chuan and Xiao Bai. In the mirror, Fu Jiuyun observes Qin Chuan and Xiao Bai.
Instead of finding Guanshi Zhao when Mr. Bai and Qin Chuan arrived at Dangyu City in search of him, they discovered a group of filthy refugees from the Li Kingdom. Qin Chuan, the princess of the Li Kingdom, was incensed to see that her people were degraded and ill-dressed. Manager Zhao was wearing the prefect’s official clothing when she snuck into the estate to get a better look. Zuo Zichen’s remnants were exposed. Prime Minister Zuo fortunately arrived in time and led them to a hidden cave. They discovered that Xuanzhu’s mother had already arrived and was waiting. Since Qin Chuan was aware that Ting Yuan was in possession of the spirit lamp, he requested that Mr. Bai visit the palace while posing as Manager Zhao. Ting Yuan quickly detected the deception and created a simple ruse to draw Mr. Bai into his trap.



Following his plan, Tingyuan used the Immortal Binding Lock to bind Mr. Bai. Ting Yuan was curious about Qin Chuan’s address after learning that he was now in Dangyu City as well. He had to put it aside for the time being because Li Yuan unexpectedly came to visit. Mr. Bai didn’t come back for a while. When Qin Chuan entered the palace covertly to investigate, Yu Yuan noticed him and followed him. Ting Yuan fortunately intervened in time to save the day. Ting Yuan tricked Qin Chuan into taking the spiritual lamp, and after finding out that he was the second prince of an enemy nation, Qin Chuan’s resentment grew even stronger. Despite Mr. Bai’s resistance, Qin Chuan entered the Wuyuan military camp in the dead of night and used the chance to free all the refugees. Initially suppressing the seal in the mirror, Jiuyun quickly appeared to save Qin Chuan after realizing his predicament.


Jiuyun imprisoned Xiu Yuan in the painting in order to save Qin Chuan, and he counted on Qin Chuan to go with him under the guise that he needed someone to look after him. Jiuyun, in Qin Chuan’s opinion, was purposefully keeping her from discovering the spiritual lamp, therefore he intended to look for it on his own. Zuo Xiangguo and Mrs. Qiuhua were connected, but Zuo Xiangguo recognized that Zuo Zichen disliked Xuanzhu. While shopping, Qin Chuan and Jiuyun were drawn to a storyteller. After hearing the storyteller’s account of an eternal love, Jiuyun was deeply moved. The demon spirit was released by Master Yunyuan. Jiuyun discreetly left Qin Chuan’s chamber after experiencing an odd sensation in his body. When Qin Chuan saw Fu Jiuyun leave, he made a stealthy escape plan.


Jiuyun managed to catch Qin Chuan as she attempted to flee. Jiuyun was unable to convince Qin Chuan, so she had to consent to go with her in search of the spiritual lantern. Zuo Xiangguo acted as though he wished to mend the father-son bond, but in reality, he had someone follow Zuo Zichen. Jiuyun told Qin Chuan what had happened, but Qin Chuan dragged him away by being foolish. Jiuyun was not spared from being scratched when Qin Chuan unleashed the cat on him because he felt tricked. Although Qin Chuan also had feelings for Jiuyun, he had the impression that nothing would ever happen between the two of them. Zuo Xiangguo asked if Yan Yan was okay. Zuo Zichen kept the details of their encounter a secret because he was afraid that his father would have bad feelings for Yan Yan. Qin Chuan made the decision to go with Jiuyun to the hospital because he was hurt.


Still unable to let go of his animosity, Qin Chuan offered Jiuyun some immortal intoxication and put the paper man in charge of taking care of him before leaving alone with the spiritual lamp. Upon visiting his master’s grave to retrieve the heavenly sword, Qin Chuan encountered Tao Xiaoling, the elf of the peach tree his master had planted. He discovered that Zuo Xiang had occupied his former home, the Purple Bamboo Forest in Fengcheng. Jiu Yun was Jiu Chuan’s concern, therefore Qin Chuan asked Tao Xiaoling to look after him. When Meishan Jun arrived to see Jiuyun, he discovered that Qin Chuan had served him alcohol. Prime Minister Zuo tried unsuccessfully to reach his son for information regarding Yan Yan, so he had to start with Xuan Zhu. Zuo Zichen didn’t care when Xuanzhu informed her that someone had invited her to travel with them, which infuriated Xuanzhu.

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