September 24, 2023

NC: GREENSBORO With a spoon, serve tiny single-serve cups of freshly ground peanut butter. Are these samples available at a nearby supermarket?

Nope. At the National Restaurant Association trade convention this week in Chicago, they were a part of the “Got To Be NC” stand.

“As part of our Got To Be NC program, we support NC agriculture in so many ways, and one of that is getting our products in front of people to get a nationwide audience,” said Sandy Stewart, Assistant NC Agriculture Commissioner.

Agriculture in North Carolina is a $100 billion business.
everything in between, including peanuts, sweet potatoes, Texas Pete spicy sauce, and other foods.

Customers from outside of North Carolina make up a significant portion of that. We’re working to assist NC farmers and companies in entering this really global market, according to Stewart.

The influence of North Carolina is not simply local, but also international.
There is a clip from what is regarded as the biggest food expo on earth. It is located in Berlin and is called Fruit Logistica. Every year, area farmers and businesses are invited by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.

“From the Department of Agriculture’s perspective, we don’t have the goods to sell, but we attempt to make it easier for businesses to connect with one another. We can assist customers in figuring out how to transport peanuts from Bertie County to London, despite the fact that doing so is not simple, stated Stewart.

You probably have a few items produced in North Carolina in your cupboard or refrigerator. Are you curious about the options available? Here is the webpage for Got To Be NC.

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