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Nak Khlahan Samnak Mek

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Synopsis Nak Khlahan Samnak Mek

Nak Khlahan Samnak Mek Su Youlian started to score and was poised to overtake following the tireless efforts of him and his teammates. Cui Pianran surreptitiously played a prank and injected a poison needle into Su Youlian’s body after observing this. Su Youlian killed the poison needle by exerting all of his strength. He attacked Cui Pianran after being ejected, but Li Xuan mistook him and tricked him. Su Youlian didn’t intervene, but Cui Pianran attacked him and threw him into the lake after he insisted on asking Li Xuan for the token. Li Xuan saw this and dived in. Su Youlian was trapped in the vortex by the power of the number one token when Li Xuan tried to save her. Su Youlian was extremely impressed by Li Xuan’s valiant efforts to keep him safe.

Grandpa Tianshu informed Li Xuan of Su Youlian’s emotions for him as well as Su Youlian’s identity. He misinterpreted that they were all human after receiving the definitive response, and he was secretly relieved. Grandpa Tianshu has a glass mirror here that allows him to see anything in the entire world. Grandpa Tianshu and Li Xuan witnessed the incident in Moyun Academy together, while Su Youlian was unintentionally observed napping at the time. Xuan Li He expressed his heart’s continued love for Su Youlian. Grandpa Tianshu observed a cute little child who had recently given birth eighteen years prior in the mirror. He really enjoyed it, which is how Li Xuan and Su Youlian came to mind. After they were married, he wanted them to have a small child.


Once more feeling tremendous shame, Su Youlian made the decision to leave the secret realm. She and Li Xuan talked about requesting Li Xuan’s assistance in leaving the secret world as soon as feasible. When they reached the barrier, they were unable to break it down. Su Youlian suffered terrible injuries as a result of breaking in with little concern for his safety. Li Xuan made every effort to win over the old man Tianshu because he couldn’t bear to see Su Youlian get hurt once more and hoped that the elderly guy would be able to give him directions on how to depart. Li Xuan and the elderly man struck a deal in which the old man used Li Xuan’s magical self-healing power in exchange for the exit route. They could be removed using the glass bead the elderly guy gave him, but only one person could be removed using this glass bead.


Su Youlian awoke and fled the room in desperation, heading for Jingyue Lake. She was recalling the moment she and Li Xuan became separated. She dashed to the lake and leapt right in, letting her body sink into the water. sink. Li Xuan had an idea, so he grabbed the lollipops and returned to the battle. The young monk injured Li Xuan after hurriedly devouring the candy, though. Li Xuan could only elude and return to the hidden realm. The aged guy gave him the Book of Heaven. After therapy, Li Xuan ultimately won him over, and he gently provided the young man advice on how to get through the magic circle. Li Xuan burst into the formation once again after he had recovered from his wounds. After a struggle, he was able to enter the formation and leave the hidden realm.



Yunshan made himself some chicken soup as a way of saying thanks to Xiao Fengming. When his classmates saw this, they began making jokes about them and rumors of an affair between the two also began to circulate. Xiao Fengming was extremely upset because he believed that he had compromised Yunshan’s innocence. Cui Pianran purposefully announced her marriage to Li Xuan to the entire college during dinner since she believed it was finalized. Su Youlian appeared strange after hearing this and walked out in despair. Cui Pianran then attacked Yunshan and Xiao Fengming for being involved in a relationship. Yunshan felt enraged and was about to hit when Xiao Fengming intervened.


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