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Nak Chanbag Chorchork

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Synopsis Nak Chanbag Chorchork

King Bo and Ji Chong had a conversation outside the military camp. Ji Chong declared his admiration for Ma Zhaixing and promised to protect her by following her wherever she went. Later, Ji Chong discovered Ma Zhaixing on the highway and convinced her to weep for King Bo before leading the two of them to an inn to spend the night. Based on the information provided by the sentry, King Bo in the military camp made the decision to visit Princess Baona in the Fuhu Forest. Ji Chong planned to set up an ambush to deal with King Bo while keeping a covert eye on the area around the camp. The following morning when Ma Zhaixing awoke, he discovered Ji Chong was not in the inn and went in search of him. He encountered Bao Na, who had wandered from Nanliao Tower, and discovered that someone had been posing as a princess to meet with King Bo. In order to save King Bo, Ma Zhaixing made the decision to accompany Bao Na to Fuhu Forest. At Fuhu Forest, they discovered that the princess’s allies had been murdered.

As promised, King Bo arrived at Fuhu Forest, but while in the camp, he was in danger and was ambushed by archers. At this point, Ma Zhaixing and Bao Na showed up to assist King Bo in escaping his predicament. They encountered Ji Chong while they were fleeing from danger, and he was approaching them when they grabbed the stars to deflect an arrow in his direction. Ji Chong was left to face the Nin army alone after King Bo removed the hurt Zhaixing. The leader Cheng Liang acknowledged Jichong as the previous marshal of the State of Suga. Ji Chong then went back to the military camp to see Zhaixing. While Wen Yan was powerless to do anything about Zhaixing’s injury, King Bo held her in his arms in the camp. Zhai Xing was given the life-saving elixir by Bao Na, who also helped her escape successfully. Following Bao Na’s departure, King Bo and Ji Chong got into an argument and a brawl. King Bo fled after being overthrown. At night, Ji Chong remained in the camp while Zhaixing asked King Bo and Wen Yan to leave. Zhai Xing speaks about her relationship with Wolf Boy when Ji Chong accuses her of not taking chances alone. When two people converse, they can comprehend one another. Ji Chong assured Zhaixing that he would look out for her. Upon learning this, King Bo sadly departed. Later, he realized that the Bin army was responsible for everything and discreetly dispatched investigators to look into it. The palace’s King Yun was incensed since he failed to remove King Bo as he had intended and unintentionally hurt Princess Chu Chu when she intervened, resulting in the princess miscarrying.



In the military camp, Bao Na made an appearance and went to see King Bo, who was carrying the covenant and the fourth prince, Chu Youzhen. King Bo and the Fourth Highness were at odds. He furiously cursed King Bo before departing to see Ma Zhaixing. In the camp, he and Ji Chong reprimanded King Bo. King Chu instantly instructed King Bo to go back to the palace after receiving the covert letter from Princess Yun. King Bo came to the palace right afterwards after learning that His Highness Prince Yun was responsible for his assassination. When King Yun returned to the palace after being chastised, King Chu gave King Bo the command to accompany him to the imperial mausoleum. After contradicting King Chu, the Fourth Highness stormed out in a rage. In front of the King of Chu, Ma Zhaixing pleaded on behalf of the Fourth Highness. Because the First Highness was killed in the conflict, the King of Chu stated that there was a breach between King Bo and the Fourth Highness. The King of Chu will arrange a lavish ceremony for His Highness, according to Zhaixing and Ji, who hurried to visit the Fourth Highness.
Ma Zhaixing went back to Prince Bo’s Mansion and informed him that she was going to spend a few days at the Fourth Prince’s Mansion. King Bo declared that he would depart from the palace and set up camp in the army camp. I silently feel depressed as I reach for the stars and focus on the sachet. After getting hurt, Mo Xiao went back to the mansion and complained to Wen Yan Haidie that King Bo was only skilled in drinking and martial arts. The three planned to arrange for King Bo and Ma Zhaixing to meet. To see the Fourth Highness, Ji Chong arrived. The Fourth Highness advised that after talking, Ji Chong take Zhai Xing to the market to unwind. In contrast, Hai Die also planned to seduce King Bo into the marketplace. Ji Chong, who discovers the insider’s account, informs Zhaixing that the reason she empathizes with King Bo is because the wolf boy resembles him. Zhaixing chases butterflies on the street. Ji Chong was asked by Zhaixing to assist Ma Jing in apprehending the thief, who turned out to be Mo Xiao posing as Mo Xiao. He ran across King Bo while exploring in front of the steamed bun vendor. King Bo made the decision to take the jade butterfly prisoner by aiming for the stars.

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