Mchas Atirach Sangkream 01

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Mchas Atirach Sangkream Muchen pretended to be a soldier and went to Muyu to get information, but Tangshan caught him. The two exchanged ideas on defenses. Wu Mian injected poison into Liu Mubai. Liu Qingtian was compelled to obey Wu Mian Taoist after being threatened and found out about his desire to kill Wu Mian in order to save his kid. Muchen found Luo Li, but the spiritual barrier rendered him useless, and he was unable to save Luo Li. All of the Liuyu soldiers were transformed into demons when Wu Mian poured the power of whispers into the well. Once more, Muchen saved Luo Li, but unanticipatedly, Wu Mian had dispatched someone to ambush him. When Mu Bai came, she briefly “rebelled” before stabbing Muchen with a dagger.

After turning wicked, Liu Qingtian desired to murder Mu Bai and Muchen. To protect Mubai, Muchen drew his sword and murdered Liu Qingtian. Liu Mubai was inconsolable. When Mu Feng resolved to give his body to the Great Thousand Transformation Demon Array in order to defeat Long Yuantan, the desperate Liu Mubai overtook Mu Feng. In order to preserve his kid, Liu Qingtian was willing to sacrifice his soul, but Muchen He did not hesitate to perish alongside the Faceless Taoist in order to vanquish him and unleash the Eight Desolations Formation. Fortunately, he climbed to the third floor of the pagoda just in time. However, the Faceless Taoist cursed Muchen with black blood, rendering him blind.

Due of Muchen’s blindness, Luo Li accompanied him as he approached the elderly Corpse Immortal to inquire about the treatment. She discovered that in Beicang Lingyuan’s thunder field, there was a herb for treating eyes. She unintentionally ran into the Xue Lingzi. He got there just in time to save him, thanks to Li Xuantong. Luo Li. Muchen was urged to cultivate the Heart Formation by Mu Feng. Muchen put out constant effort and lit up the fourth floor of the Great Buddha Tower in addition to finishing the Heart Formation. After hearing that Luo Li had returned, Muchen made the decision to enroll with him at the Beicang Spiritual Academy. Xue Lingzi made the decision to meet up with his fiancée Luo Li at Beicang Lingyuan.

Muchen, who was blind, attempted to see Liu Mubai in Liuyu along with Luo Li and Tan Qingshan, but was unsuccessful. When they arrived at Beicang Lingyuan, they discovered that Liu Mubai was promoting himself madly and engaging in masochistic competition with his students. Informing Luo Tianhe, the clan’s chief, about Xue Lingzi’s plot, Li Xuantong reported back to the Luoshen Clan. To safeguard Luo Li, Luo Tianhe arranged for Li Xuantong to enter Beicang Lingyuan.



Luo Li did not hesitate to practice with others every day to boost her spiritual force in order to enter the Thunder Realm and obtain the Immortal Grass Jade Knot to heal Muchen’s eyes. They all pitched in to keep it from Muchen. Muchen and his teacher He Yao frequently talked the spiritual formation in order for Muchen to learn it. But after unsuccessfully trying to convince Muchen of He Yao’s malicious intentions, Luo Li persuaded Li Xuantong to secretly guard He Yao. At this time, Xue Lingzi also changed into Tang Chengbo, a student, and entered Beicang Spiritual Academy undercover.

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