October 4, 2023

WASHINGTON — On July 7, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) announced its support for the Senate confirmation of Xochitl Torres Small as assistant US secretary of agriculture. Since October 2021, Torres Small has served as the under secretary for rural development. In February, Torres Small was nominated as deputy secretary, second in command to US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack.

LULAC recognizes the critical importance of having a qualified, experienced Latina like Torres Small to help lead the USDA which oversees nearly 100,000 employees, 29 agencies and 4,500 locations in the United States and abroad.

“LULAC strongly supports the confirmation of Torres Small at a time when our nation’s agricultural industry is dealing with the historic effects of climate changes,” said Domingo Garcia, LULAC’s national president. “Also, we are seeing unprecedented attacks on essential workers who cultivate and harvest our nation’s food. They deserve our thanks and policymakers who understand the challenges they confront daily in their lives.”

Torres Small, raised in Las Cruces, NM, has a track record that includes her prior role in elected politics, where she won New Mexico’s Congressional District 2 seat in 2018. The granddaughter of farmworkers, she understands the virtues of, and the challenges faced by rural communities. Her experience and understanding of the agricultural sector make her an ideal candidate for the assistant US secretary of agriculture position, according to LULAC.

“LULAC urges the Senate to move urgently in this confirmation process,” Garcia added. “Critical decisions at hand affect working conditions in our nation’s food industries, including meat and protein production. Also, educational outreach on nutrition and managing our food subsidies for millions of low-income individuals and families. Equally critical is the agency’s role in overseeing our country’s natural resources and home loan programs. Torres Small brings that knowledge and sensitivity to the job.”

LULAC is asking the US Senate to recognize the significance of this moment and swiftly confirm Torres Small as assistant US secretary of agriculture. LULAC believes her leadership and expertise will be instrumental in advancing the agricultural industry, protecting the rights and well-being of essential workers and ensuring equitable access to nutritious food for all Americans, the organization said.

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