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Lbech Satrey Korean Drama Speak Khmer

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Synopsis Lbech Satrey Korean Drama Speak Khmer

The 21st will see the premiere of SBS’s new morning drama “Cheongdam-dong Scandal,” which shows a controversy developing in Cheongdam-dong, a district that stands for fame, fortune, and high society as well as the real love that blossoms there.

The highlight video of the drama production presentation, which was held on the 16th, included a striking contrast between the decent daughter-in-law and the two-faced mother-in-law. Given to the daughter-in-law by the mother-in-law, who does not like her, the birth control pills are disguised as nutritional supplements. Her daughter-in-law is astonished and hurt after learning everything and feels deceived.

The play effectively used well-known morning drama themes like Sea World, treachery, and retribution to heighten dramatic tension.

Eun Hyeon-soo, Cheongdam-dong’s daughter-in-law, is portrayed by actor Choi Jeong-yoon. Although Hyeonsu appears delicate and frail on the surface, she is actually quite powerful. She was a happy daughter-in-law in Cheongdam-dong, but after learning the unpleasant truth, she departed and became well-known as a brand manager.

Morning dramas are very important to Choi Jeong-yoon, who has acted in MBC’s “An Angel’s Choice” (2012) and SBS’s “That Woman’s Scared” (2007).

He gave an explanation for why he was there, stating, “I had a hard time doing morning dramas,” and “I didn’t want to do it again, but there was a strange charm that drew me in.”

He frequently claims that morning dramas are harmful. He scowls since it’s so clumsy and juvenile. Even yet, it is incredibly well-liked, and via morning dramas, fresh performers may easily become well-known.

In response to this, Choi Jeong-yoon remarked, “I know that people watch this drama while swearing,” and he continued, “My mind ‘flashes’ while watching a morning drama. I am a public figure who depends on popular adoration, therefore I am forced to produce works that are sure to draw a certain number of spectators. He spoke.

Hyun-soo, played by Choi Jeong-yoon, is described as “a woman who lives her own life independently,” and she is “a candy-like character who is clear and innocent” in JTBC’s “Can We Love,” which aired earlier this year.

Bok Soo-ho, Hyeon-soo’s spouse and the CEO of Daebok Trading Company, is portrayed by actor Kang Seong-min. She is a character who marries Hyeonsu after falling in love with him at first sight but ultimately betrays her spouse.

Kang Seong-min claimed, “I have always had a good reputation, but Director Jeong Hyo gave me a role that allowed me to break away from that fixed image,” and he declared his resolve, “I will be reborn as the ‘incarnation of revenge’ through dramas.”

“She only showed up in 10 episodes of ‘Bold Woman’ (2010), but many people recognized her,” she continued. She had seen the effects of morning plays.

The premiere of SBS’s brand-new morning drama “Cheongdam-dong Scandal,” which stars the biggest names in “morning dramas,” will take place on the 21st. ⓒ SBS

The premiere of SBS’s brand-new morning drama “Cheongdam-dong Scandal,” which stars the biggest names in “morning dramas,” will take place on the 21st. ⓒ SBS

Seven years after ‘That Woman’s Scared’ in 2007, Kang Seong-min and Choi Jeong-yoon are once again collaborating as a pair.

Choi Jeong-yoon expressed happiness with her on-screen chemistry, adding, “We can connect just by looking at each other’s eyes,” and “She is acting without any awkwardness.” “Senior Choi Jeong-yoon takes good care of me,” Kang Seong-min stated, adding with assurance, “I think she has the best acting chemistry among the drama reunion couples.”

After a two-year absence, actor Lim Seong-eon is back on television as Janie, Cheongdam-dong’s second daughter-in-law. The 2003 dating variety program “Mountain Meeting – War of the Roses” featured Lim Seong-eon, who quickly rose to fame. He was well-liked at the time, with 160.000 fan cafe members, and earned many votes for his large eyes and alluring dimples.

Later, she decided to pursue acting and made appearances in a number of films and dramas, such as “Mui,” “The White Tower,” and “Roller Coaster.” After the 2012 episode “Please Captain,” the program took a vacation for more than two years.

Lim Seong-eon stated with a smile, “This is my third appearance in an SBS morning drama. I’m happy to be able to act again after a long time.”

The character Janie, performed by Lim Seong-eon, has a chilly demeanor and temperament. She gets uncomfortable about the situation when Hyeon-su helps her get closer to her husband and does so by stabbing Hyeon-su in the back to keep from being expelled from the Cheongdam-dong family.

He said, “I have gained a lot of housewife fans while doing morning dramas,” and later said, “Through this drama, I will establish myself as the ‘Queen of Morning Dramas.'”


As Jang Seo-jun, actor Lee Jung-moon assumes the role of Hyun-soo’s long-legged uncle. She is a romantic who holds Hyeonsu’s hand tightly in order to protect him. ‘Bold Woman’ included Lee Jung-moon, another performer from a morning drama.

In order to maintain her involvement with morning dramas, rookie Seo Eun-chae, who portrays Nam Joo-na, a crushee of Seo-jun, also made an appearance in KBS’ “TV Novel Bok-hee’s Sister.”

It is just a matter of time until housewives viewers start to pay notice, with so many “morning drama geniuses” grouped together. But getting rid of the offensive smell is always a challenge.

He highlighted, “It is not an unreasonable setting,” adding, “It is different from existing morning dramas because it has a reasonable development.”

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