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Kumnum Sne Pdo Kay

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Synopsis Kumnum Sne Pdo Kay

Kumnum Sne Pdo Kay Because of her unclear relationship with Prince Su Ye Junqing, Queen Yao Moxin had a falling out with Emperor Ye Hongyi in the Dachu Palace and was forbidden from entering the harem when she was pregnant. The emperor gave the top eunuch, An Bingshan, an order to bring a bowl of anti-fetal medication. Yao Moxin was poisoned and disoriented after consuming the medication, with blood dripping all over him. Yao Mowan’s sister Yao Mowan was suddenly possessed by the spirit worm on Yao Moxin, which entered her body and gave her Yao Moxin’s memories and consciousness. When Yao Mowan awoke, he discovered that the surroundings were strange. Prince Su Yejun Qingzheng was riding his horse and brandishing his whip not too far away, eager to return to the capital. He rode forth on his horse as soon as he heard a call for aid. The bandits forced Yao Mowan to the edge of the cliff, where he was unable to escape. Ye Junqing emerged at the last second to save the day, and the two tumbled into the valley together.

Yao Mowan removed the jade pendant from his body and presented it to the barefoot doctor as a medical award while Ye Junqing was still half asleep. The doctor seized the jade pendant and made plans to flee to the city, but the group of murderers caught him and had him show them how to get to Orion’s residence. Ye Junqing got into a fierce struggle with a bunch of elite murderers when the two came back. Ben Lei, his servant who had been tracking Ye Junqing’s footprints, came just in time to break the impasse and drag the two back to the capital’s temple disputes and the secular world. When Ye Junqing arrived back at the palace, Ye Hongyi gave him charge of Qiu Lie’s security and informed him that Yao Moxin was gravely ill and asleep in an attempt to put his intelligence to the test. Ye Junqing was filled with concern at hearing the news, but he was unable to express it. Wang Qinruo, Ye Junqing’s concubine, was back together. She was the cousin of Ye Junqing. Despite her early affection for him, all she had heard was that he was concerned about Yao Mo’s pain and the people who had wounded him. He was thinking only about Yao Mo. Heart.

Yao Mowan lost her cool and painted Ye Junqing as a callous and ruthless lover on a sign she placed up at the royal entrance to regale passersby. Ye Junqing became quite perplexed as more and more viewers who were unaware of the reality began to support Yao Mowan; as a result, he had to politely invite her back to his home. The following day, Ye Junqing donned a military uniform and went hunting in the fall. Yao Mowan lured her into posing as a soldier when she was rejected, and she followed him to the hunting site. Ye Hongyi and Ye Junqing fell deeply in love with one another. They thought back to the time when Yao Moxin accidentally won the hearts of the two brothers. Ultimately, Ye Hongyi accepted the beauty, and Ye Junqing developed into a stunning woman. Yao Mowan certainly heard this exchange and was offended. As soon as the hunt began, Ye Hongyi was ambushed by a group of black-clad assassins. He was saved in time by Ye Junqing, but both of them sustained minor wounds. Yao Mowan was taken before everyone and arrested as a spy due to his whereabouts throughout the argument. Yao Mowan’s helmet came off during the battle, exposing her daughter’s torso.

Ye Hongyi visited the Heavenly Prison to subject some of the guilty attendants to torture in an attempt to extract clues regarding the Queen’s poisoning. When he discovered that one of the eunuchs had escaped the medicine furnace during the decoction process, the investigation reached a deadlock because the circle of suspicion could not be closed. There was a lot of activity on the streets. A group of spectators was gathered in front of Ye Junqing and Yao Mowan. It turned out to be a charlatan who was tricking people by dressing up as kids. Yao Mowan swiftly revealed that individual through a number of doubts since he was so furious that he was forced to keep quiet. In an attempt to save a child, a well-known quack got into difficulties. The bully’s accomplices, who were concealed in the throng, pursued the two and severely beat them after realizing that the plan had been discovered. With just their fists, the two were unable to overcome one another. Using the confusion as an opportunity, Ye Junqing abducted Yao Mowan and fled, hiding his tracks by scaling the lamp tower.

Mo Li discussed their prior encounters with Yao Mowan’s mother and daughter. Yao Mowan was able to learn about the family ties to the Yao Mansion: her mother Mo Li was the second concubine, her father Yao Zhenting was the prime minister of the current dynasty, the first wife was Dou Xianglan, a member of the illustrious Chu family, and her daughter Yao Suluan was the legitimate daughter. Yao Moxin, his half-sister, is his love rival. Ye Hongyi seems to have inadvertently disclosed to the concubines that a few of the jail staff members had disclosed certain hints to put everyone to the test. On the outside, the concubines behaved as usual, but in private, they behaved differently. Ye Hongyi and Yao Suluan visited their relatives the following day and got back together with Yao Mowan. When Ye Hongyi found out she was Yao Moxin’s sister, she was pleasantly delighted.

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