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Krom Neak Proyuth Chinese Drama Speak Khmer

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Synopsis Krom Neak Proyuth Chinese Drama Speak Khmer

Krom Neak Proyuth Chinese Drama Speak Khmer Together, Wei Kunning and Wen Long helped everyone escape the work camp, successfully locate Anna’s secret film, and leave the control of the stronghold. Wenlong and the rest made it out safely, whereupon they all learned who they really were. Wenlong also learned that Daozi was a Heihugou anti-alliance scout. Wei Kunning stated that he did not want to head the Anti-League and that he instead wanted to say farewell to Wenlong with his two brothers, Hu Dazhuang and Gao Xiaozhuang. Wei Kunning and the others soon ran upon Okamoto, who had been pursuing them, and had to return to the group.


However, they unintentionally drifted apart from Hu Dazhuang while making their way back. The crew was supposed to go to the adjacent Heihu Valley after saving Anna in accordance with the initial Wen Long and his superiors’ plan in order to locate Captain Gao, the local anti-league commander. To transfer Anna back to the USSR, Captain Gao had already made plans to cross the Ussuri River. However, when everyone arrived in Heihu Gou, headed by Daozi, they discovered that Yoshinobe, another Japanese army stationed nearby, had raided Heihu Gou, and Captain Gao’s whereabouts were unknown.


A wolf and a tiger are present, and Captain Gao is not present. The squad advises leaving right once, but Wenlong has the duty of accompanying Anna and has to locate Captain Gao. As a result, they—a band of “fugitives”—entered Heihugou while disguising themselves as members of the imperial army. After identifying each corpse, Wenlong and the others entered the crumbling Heihugou anti-alliance stronghold and discovered Captain Gao’s body.

A group of individuals were being escorted by Captain Gao towards the river. On the riverbank up ahead, an ambush had been prepared without warning. Two men from the Anti-Japanese Alliance were fortunately in front of them to inspect the road. They courageously broke the news, alerting Wen Long and others to the peril. It appeared difficult to cross the line since it was barricaded. With Koizumi Qing’s pursuers on one side and Lin Hai in the jungle-restricted region on the other, Captain Gao calculated that there was only one course of action left: follow him back to another stronghold. And Wenlong concurred. But Anna was unhappy as a result of these activities. Because Anna Chen was unprepared and didn’t want to go back to the USSR, she seized the chance to leave.


Wenlong directed searchers to Anna after asking Captain Gao to return and report first. Accidentally escaping, Anna entered Jindingzi’s woodland. It came out that Daozi and the residents of Lujiatun had a serious disagreement when they were in the forest. Furthermore, because they were all covered in Japanese skins, the residents of Lujiatun had no faith in them and were prepared to shoot them. Wenlong noticed a detail out of desperation. The leader of Lujiatun Village, Lu Bo, has a daughter who was shot and was in serious condition.




Wenlong put forward a requirement in order to heal Lu Xiaohua and transform his life. Lu Xiaohua had a gunshot wound after being diagnosed, and he was in urgent need of penicillin to lessen inflammation. Only the engineering team lead by Yoshino may have lately developed this type of unique treatment. Longtime lovers Daozi and Xiaohua have been unable to be together due to a serious miscommunication between Lujiatun and Daozi. Daozi insisted on coming with Wenlong to receive the medication after learning about this.

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