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Kon Dul Pikheat Korean Drama Speak Khmer Mouse (2021) will be my first drama that I evaluate on this platform. The plot of this show is the most intricate I’ve ever seen. Keep your attention on the screen and pay close attention to every scene while viewing this drama since the intricacies will definitely aid in your comprehension. The plot is more complicated than you may expect; unlike other dramas where we can identify the antagonist and the main character, this drama does not. Every episode will provide a new story twist, so you should be wary of every character.

Our drama’s primary character is described in the poster. Since My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, I have watched every episode of SeungGi’s drama. He was actually the one who introduced and guided me to K-drama. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho was my first drama, and I adore Lee Seung Gi. I believe he always chose wonderful dramas, therefore I was thrilled to hear that he would be appearing in this one. Regarding the other three, I didn’t really know them and hadn’t kept up with their filmography, but it turns out that they do a great job of portraying their roles, particularly the actor who portrayed Go Moo Chi. The life of Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi) will be the focus of this drama.


A rookie policeman named Jung Ba-Reum (Lee Seung-Gi) works at a police substation. He strives for fairness and is an honest man. He is up against a killer who is a maniac and who terrorizes the entire country. After that, Jung Ba-Reum’s life is completely altered.

The image above depicts the meeting of our major characters. They stop Go Moo Chi’s automobile while Bareum tries to help an injured bird. Police are attempting to apprehend the psychopath who murdered their vital citizens. Our key characters include cops, a television producer, a high school kid who will be the focus of the narrative, a doctor who is a candidate for psychopathy, and a second doctor who has actually been found to be a psychopath.


Greetings, I’m Han Seo Jun. A psychopath who stunned the nation by killing his parents was first identified as such by a youngster, despite having a good reputation as a surgeon. He was responsible for this drama’s occurrence since he was successful in passing on his psychopath gene to his offspring. You can’t state with certainty that his offspring would have 100% of his father’s genes, but there is a small spoiler that Han Seo Jun actually succeeds. His child is intelligent, really emotionless, and well-suited to become the next psychopath. Who is his offspring? Check out the contenders.


This is the first contender for the title of new psychopath or Han Seo Jun kid. Han Sung. He is ideally equipped to become the next psychopath, based on the drama’s portrayal of his face and expression. He is also a doctor. Doctor Han Seo Jun is also. Oh, and did I mention that his mother is the ex-wife of Han Seo Jun? He will instantly become the first and most likely candidate for the following psychopath. Yohan was one of the most sad characters in this play, in my opinion. Better is due to you. I’m sorry that some have been so critical of you, but trust me when I say that I have never doubted that you are more than a psychopath, as some have said.

Meet Jung Ba Reum, our primary character. He is a really kind policeman. However, we are unable to eliminate him as the next potential psychopath. It found out that Han Seo Jun, who is also renowned as a gentle and modest doctor, is emotionless and that all of his compassion and charming nature was merely acting. Who knows whether Ba Reum would also appreciate that?



I already watched it, therefore I already know the answer.

But after a few episodes, a significant event occurs that drastically alters Ba Reum’s life. His changed circumstances will take the drama to a new level.


The last candidate, however I almost feel bad for saying it because it’s my view. Detective Shin here. Because of his father, I am aware that I am not the only one who has accused him of being a psychopath! They were born at the time when the Han Seo Jun case was discussed and the validity of the psychopath test on unborn children, since I believe the three of them were born in the same year. Since he was finally expecting a kid, Detective Shin’s father, who was a prominent member of the government, declined to consent to the psychopath test on the unborn child. In the event that the test revealed that he carried the psychopath gene, he didn’t want to give up his child. Even if it’s only our guess, I claimed that his child carries the psychopath gene due to a few dramatized scenarios. Detective Shin helps Moochi and Bareum identify the psychopath, also known as the predator, in their present while Detective Shin’s father also becomes a presidential contender in the current timeline.

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