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Kan Dab Dai Pnek Bon Torl

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Synopsis Kan Dab Dai Pnek Bon Torl

Kan Dab Dai Pnek Bon Torl It can be said that “Muay Sading Punching Saifah” on Channel 8 is another drama that has received a lot of attention. It stars four top boxers who are well-liked by Thais across the nation, including Samart Phayak Arun, Khao Sai Galaxy, Khao Kho Galaxy, and Somchit Jongjorhor. There is also a group of fresh and enthusiastic Channel 8 actors who are making their mark one after the other. “Muay Sading, Punching the Thunder” is praised by everyone for giving everyone a “first time” experience in a variety of ways.

Tawan-Nawinwit Kittichanwit, the star of the red label, will be our first introduction. a former badminton national team member from Thailand who just made the transition to acting and is now a new star. I take on the part of Lightning. We also wish to pursue our second goal of becoming actors. It was the ideal moment. When Covid arrived Athletes’ income decreased from 100% to 10% during that period, which was sufficient to cover costs. But it can’t go on like this forever. since we had no idea what the future might hold at the moment. So, we decided that we needed to modify the way we operate. We seized the chance that presented itself to us there.

Acting in a play is challenging. It’s the first as well. Then it seems like we communicate it in a different way. We express it by moving our body, much as in sports. There is no emoticon to make eye contact with the crowd when employing strength on the field or in the square court. But when it comes to acting, we believe that we must convey every attitude and glance when acting by using emotion in our eyes. It seems challenging to me.


There will be a lot of actor-turned-boxer brothers in the plot. We become more at ease when we are athletes as well. We assumed from the start that we would continue. However, it turned out that sports people had already spoken to each other when I finally got to meet P’Somchit, P’Samart, P’Khao Sai, and P’Khao Kho. We resemble brothers and close pals. He would advise us when we arrived on the spot. We become more at ease and find it simpler to accomplish. If asked to evaluate your initial performance. If the front of the line, It could seem stiff and unnatural, harsh and tight. But when I met Tanya, I met more individuals and developed closer relationships. We became more at ease after speaking with the director and the helpers. Later queues began to grow into an increasing number of characters.


Tanya R. Siam, who has done some acting work, but in this novel, she first assumed the role of a full-fledged heroine. “In this narrative, I finally get to play a full-fledged heroine. Despite the fact that I’ve got some prior acting experience. But it’s still challenging when it comes to this situation. It is distinctive in that we must experiment with it. Preaw yelled constantly as a result of the job he was given. First, flirt with a male. We won’t be done with it as we would with any other issue. In this one, we’re always enquiring and preoccupied. We’ve gained fresh knowledge since, although we’ve been in comedies and movies in the past, our parts weren’t at all comedic. Always tidy People didn’t believe we were capable of doing comedy. because it has always been obvious in the past.


She also assumes the part of the daughter of the proprietor of a boxing camp in this novel. We need to work on our boxing. I don’t workout at all in real life since I really detest it. But when I decided to deal with this issue two months before the shooting began, I went to the gym, picked up boxing, and worked out as well. It’s clearly deliberate. because this is our heroine’s first time in the role. I also got to take on a new position. I’m quite enthusiastic. I took my own acting class in addition to my own fitness course and boxing training. I spent a lot, in other words. I hope it turns out good. Preaw’s character might need to be rather gruff, according to the grownups, in order to be created. What number is this rhino, we wondered. Avoid letting others despise you. To be a heroine, you must be cute enough. How much more must you be? We need to identify the positive aspects of the sour nature.



Waree is portrayed by Tangme-Methavee Teeraleekul. She is a tidy girl who must experience a comedy’s environment for the first time. This is seen as challenging job “I’m quite happy. Although there are several boxers in the narrative, we play Somjit Jongjorhor’s daughter. It may be claimed that it was the funniest drama I have ever played. I have to play this game with my father. I had to meditate quite hard before I could enter a scenario with Father Somjit and P’Por Annop. Because you’ll be laughing constantly. Occasionally, people will laugh.


To put it another way, everyone in the group is a hoot. We really cannot focus when we are playing. When I caught sight of his face, I chuckled. Actually, I had previously appeared in a sitcom. The character, however, lacks a humor of this magnitude. You have to work really hard to force yourself. To restrain yourself from laughing One particular scene brought tears to my eyes. P’Por, though, taunted us covertly. There were some side effects. In order to continue functioning, you must return right away and capture the character.

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