September 27, 2023

FMC Corporation, its Ukraine subsidiary FMC Ukraine and the Ukrainian Ministry of Economy — represented by Yulia Svyrydenko — signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) on June 22 during the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2023. Under the MoC, the parties are committed to continue collaborating to support the recovery of the Ukrainian economy, with a focus on agriculture.

The MoC highlights four areas of enhanced cooperation: food security, innovation, farmer’s safety and knowledge transfer and capacity building.

According to the release, FMC and the Ministry “have agreed to cooperate in the restoration of the Ukrainian economy by promoting the productivity of Ukrainian agriculture to ensure food security; providing Ukrainian farmers with priority access to the latest available crop protection technologies that maximize the productivity of major crops such as corn, grains and fruits; supporting efforts to ensure farmers can safely resume operations on their land; and improving the knowledge, skills and overall capacity of the agricultural workforce.”

This also includes cooperation with Ukranian academic institutions to support the reconstruction of the ag sector and implement programs that ensure gender equity in agriculture.

“I am immensely proud of our long-term commitment to Ukraine agriculture. Today’s agreement represents a significant milestone, furthering FMC’s path forward in support of Ukrainian food production,” said Sebastià Pons, FMC vice president and president Europe, Middle East and Africa, in the release. “By committing to long-term technology investment in the country, we are not only supporting the growth of Ukraine’s agriculture sector, but also helping to bolster food security in Ukraine and throughout the world. Moreover, FMC is extremely proud of our collaboration with The HALO Trust and its work to demine farms and farming communities throughout Ukraine, helping to improve farmers’ safety and well-being.”

FMC is allocating 3% of its revenues generated in Ukraine in 2023 to support the HALO Trust organization to create an environment where ag workers can carry out their tasks fully and securely on their respective lands, free from potential hazards of unexploded ordinance. In addition, the company is providing new technology for the application of crop protection products and its 3RIVE 3D application technology.

The Memorandum entered into force on the date of its signing, June 22, 2023.

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