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En Theak Nour Meeas Korean Drama Speak Khmer

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Synopsis En Theak Nour Meeas Korean Drama Speak Khmer

Seo Jin-gi’s (Jo Min-ki) reckless actions were witnessed by his son Seo Do-yeong (Jung Il-woo), who shot himself after continuing to do so throughout.

Seo Jin-gi, who engaged in a variety of terrible activities in order to succeed, was brought to his knees in the last episode of MBC’s weekend drama “Golden Rainbow,” which aired on the evening of the 30th. Seo Do-young and Kim Baek-won (Uee) were also featured in this episode.

Seo Jin-gi, who had carried out his terrible crimes, was destroyed by Seo Do-young using his own hands. Kim Baek-won became group chairman in accordance with Seo Do-young’s plan, which resulted in Seo Jin-gi losing control of the Golden Group.

With the words, “If you go to the police with me even now, I will forgive my father,” Seo Do-young, who visited Seo Jin-gi, urged him to turn himself in. Please refrain from turning me into a furry animal. With his pledge to embroider, Seo Jin-gi appeared to be convinced by his son’s arguments.

After concluding that everything had been resolved, Seo Do-young went to see Kim Baek-won and told her that, at Seo Jin-ki’s request, he would turn himself in to atone for the crimes he had unintentionally done. In order to have a covenant ceremony exclusively for the two of them, Seo Do-young traveled under the guidance of Kim Baek-won, who held her while she sobbed. Everything appeared to be going according to plan, but Seo Jin-ki, the antagonist, did not pause to think. Kim Baek-won was abducted while wearing a bridal gown by Seo Jin-gi, who then threatened to kill Kim Baek-won if Seo Do-young didn’t turn over the stock. A rifle was directed at Seo Do-young’s personal temple as the three of them suddenly turned to face one another. Seo Jin-gi eventually admitted his faults as a result of Seo Do-young’s acts, but Seo Do-young ultimately shot himself out of shame, stating, “A child can’t shoot his father, so I’ll shoot myself.” Seo Jin-gi, who had witnessed his son’s deeds unfold before his eyes, seemed to be in excellent spirits three years later, when Kim Baek-won’s Golden Fisheries had made a name for itself as a thriving business that helped underprivileged fishermen. Seo Do-young underwent three major operations, but happily, she made it through. The seven siblings remained together at the play’s conclusion.



The journey of seven orphaned brothers coming to success in the marine and fishing industries is depicted in the 2011 television documentary “Golden Rainbow,” which debuted on November 2 of that year. The next weekend drama from MBC, titled “Hotel King,” will debut on the fifth of the following month, immediately after “Golden Rainbow.”

Internet users who watched the program said, “I’m looking forward to the sequel to Golden Rainbow,” “Golden Rainbow was fun so far,” and other such things.


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