September 27, 2023

The Georgia Department of Agriculture is bringing back its law enforcement arm, and the new head, Harlan Proveaux, wants his officers to be the Peach State’s go-to on all aspects of agricultural crime.

“Animal cruelty cases, drugs and agriculture arena, agro-terrorism, those type things, we want to be the subject matter experts,” Proveaux told the USA Today Network. “So when all local law enforcement has those type cases, we’re a resource that they can call that will come in and support them with investigation and prosecution of those type cases.”

Harlan Proveaux

The Department of Agriculture, which oversees Georgia’s largest economic sector, last had law enforcement powers in 2013. Agricultural Commissioner Tyler Harper, who was sworn in this year, has re-instated them, with Proveaux joining the department as the inspector general and director of the Law Enforcement & Emergency Management Division. Proveaux’s most recent job was in the Georgia Department of Emergency Management and Homeland security.

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