Chunhcheang Kuk Ronang Machureach 33

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Chunhcheang Kuk Ronang Machureach A substantial amount of money was found to have been moved to the concession bank on the day Yu Damang was detained, according to Long Tianyu’s closing report on the Guangming Alkali Plant. Long Tianyu hurried to the bank and begged the staff to freeze the enormous amount of money, but they refused. In the end, the bank decided to freeze the sizeable sum of money until 12 o’clock before obtaining formal processes from the police since Leng Liwei, who just so happened to work in a bank, came forward to provide a reference for Long Tianyu. With 30 minutes left, Long Tianyu called the police station again and pleaded with Feng Daoguang to show up with all the information by 12 o’clock. With the information and the explanation that the police car was out of gas, Feng Daoguang hurried to the bank. He had to sprint over in order to avoid wasting time, yet he was still five minutes late. The funds had been sent elsewhere. The alkali plant’s enigma was virtually forgotten.

Jiu Ge, who was left at the end, was ignorant of the danger as she entered the prison’s women’s restroom. The restroom door was tapped by a man’s feet. He silently slipped into the restroom after quietly opening the door. Jiu Ge had just changed out of his clothes and was turning around with damp hair when he unexpectedly ran into the inebriated jail guard Zhang San. Zhang San’s eyes turned even redder as he watched the beauty emerge from the bath. Qingdiao secured the bathroom’s door before leaving. This was entirely her creation. Zhang San attempted to cause trouble by covering Jiu Ge’s mouth in the restroom. Xiao Baicai sprinted out of the corner at this precise moment. She wrapped Zhang San’s neck in a towel and violently choked him. Jiu Ge was surprised by Xiao Baicai’s behavior because he typically gave off a cowardly vibe. Zhang San got up from the ground and started to move towards the two individuals just as they believed he was dead. Zhang San walked on the soap, fell to the ground, and died as the two were in a panic.

Feng Daoguang recalled that during his lifetime, Lin Aodong had in fact been looking into a significant case. Three years had passed since this case’s deployment, and it was then at the closing stages. Even though he was the deputy director, he was unaware of it due to its extreme confidentiality. But he was aware that he was working on this investigation with an undercover agent in addition to Lin Aodong. Long Tianyu quickly understood that this undercover agent was the “messenger” on the day of Jiuge’s execution after hearing Feng Daoguang’s description. To inspect Lin Aodong’s possessions, the former secretary of Lin Aodong accompanied Long Tianyu. The moment the secretary saw the pen, he instantly recalled that on the day Lin Aodong passed away, he had intended to sign an arrest warrant but had been prevented from doing so because Lin Jiuge had been apprehended for theft and taken to the police station. A warrant for the arrest was issued. Long Tianyu was shocked to learn that the individual named on the arrest warrant was actually responsible for killing Lin Aodong.

Police chief Lin Aodong was assassinated in the 1920s. His adopted daughter Lin Jiuge was wrongfully imprisoned after being charged with the crime. Jiu Ge battles for survival while incarcerated. He must contend not only with the powers within the prison but also with the unseen forces that are persistently encroaching from outside the prison. Long Tianyu, a police officer, has been looking into the matter since Jiuge was put in jail and has discovered that Leng Shinan, a significant customs supervisor in Shanggu, was really the one who killed Lin Aodong. Additionally, he learned that Leng Shinan was putting one party in danger by controlling the narcotics trade in Shanggu. In the end, Leng Shinan and other defendants were subjected to a fair trial by Jiuge, Long Tianyu, and others.

Long Tianyu spent a considerable amount of time by Jiuge’s bedside. The two couldn’t speak once Jiuge opened his eyes, but their emotions grew. When Long Tianyu inquired about Jiu Ge’s predicament in jail, Jiu Ge reassured her that she was no longer the same Lin Jiu Ge that she once was and added that Xiao Linfeng was there to assist her. Jiu Ge’s hair was dangling from her temples as she spoke. For her, Long Tianyu extended his hand to raise it. He entered through the door and observed something odd about the two of them. Jiu Ge was called in to identify Qing Diao and three other people by the warden, but he gave up the identification due to a lack of supporting documentation. Nianzhi was greeted by Long Tianyu at the jail entrance, who inquired about Jiuge’s health. Nianzhi questioned Long Tianyu as to why Jiuge was so important to him. Jiuge already carried a tremendous burden in his heart, Long Tianyu recognized when he was asked this question. Long Tianyu could only put the past to rest by arguing that Jiuge was innocent and died tragically, and that he wanted to learn the truth because he couldn’t divulge it to Nianzhi.

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