October 4, 2023

STORY: China’s achievements in agriculture, poverty reduction inspire other developing countries: Ghanaian officialDATELINE: July 13, 2023LENGTH: 00:01:18LOCATION: AccraCATEGORY: ECONOMYSHOTLIST:1. various of street views and local markets2. SOUNDBITE (English): EDWARD KAREWEH, General secretary of the General Agriculture Workers Union in Ghana3. various of local marketsSTORYLINE:A Ghanaian official has said that Ghana and other developing countries could learn valuable lessons from China’s achievements in agriculture development and poverty reduction.   Speaking to Xinhua in a recent interview, Edward Kareweh, general secretary of the General Agriculture Workers Union in Ghana, said China’s strides in these areas inspire developing countries.   SOUNDBITE (English): EDWARD KAREWEH, General secretary of the General Agriculture Workers Union in Ghana”China is a developing country. They have got a lot of experience, as to how to get people out of poverty. China is making impressive progress in getting their people out of poverty. We knew that the Chinese population hitherto largely consists of farmers, and the structure is what we have here. We admire them (China) for their progress they have made in lifting the lives of the farmers.”The recipe for China’s success, Kareweh said, is that the government put the Chinese people and their welfare at the center, which also enlightened Ghana and any other African country in fostering its agriculture and dealing with poverty.   He praised China’s broad-based support for Ghana’s development in the past and called for more support for the West African country to achieve its sustainable development goals. Xinhua News Agency correspondents reporting from Accra.(XHTV)

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