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Chav Vay Sruk Chet Thor

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Status: Ongoing Released: Mar 27, 2017 - May 4, 2017 Duration: 45 min. Country: Type: TV Episodes: 42 Posted by: video4khmer.org Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Chav Vay Sruk Chet Thor

Chav Vay Sruk Chet Thor The Hongxing ledger is obtained by Zheng Banqiao.
Zheng Banqiao convinced Fan Renfu, the richest man in Fan County, to contribute money toward the cost of saving the people’s lives. Zheng Banqiao, however, pledged that he would bring Hong Xing to justice because he was concerned about the retaliation of neighborhood bullies like Hong Xing. Yao San, the head catcher, spoke out frequently. He directly questioned Zheng Banqiao on whether his goal was to permanently establish status or to punish Hong Xing. Zheng Banqiao told Yao San he was determined. Yao San, who had always been fair, chose to move forward and withdraw alongside Zheng Banqiao. Make a commitment to bring Hong Xing and others to justice and to restoring the people’s right to live in peace. Yao San was instructed by Zheng Banqiao to send guards to watch over Hong Xing, but the shrewd Hong Xing observed Laifu following him. As a result, he took advantage of Laifu’s love of food by sending an elderly woman with a basket of eggs to shout for free on the street.

Laifu consumed food one after the other and drank water from the elderly woman, but the drink contained drugs, causing Laifu to pass out while lying on the ground. Laifu was dozing off on the ground when Yao San entered the street. He roused him quickly. He hurriedly drove Laifu and the other detectives to Hong Xing’s house after realizing something was amiss. Actually, Hong Xing had only dispatched the elderly woman to divert Laifu’s attention, but Hong Xing had already left. Yao San, who acted carelessly and without thought, directed the investigators to examine Hong Xing’s house, where they discovered a sizable sum of cash and ledgers concealed in the shadowy space. Wu Dianshi and Zheng Banqiao shouted angrily after learning of Yao San’s activities. Wu Dianshi alleged that Yao San was careless. Yao San couldn’t explain why. They almost got into a fight. Yao San was informed by Zheng Banqiao that he had taken Hongxing in a private setting after he intervened. Because Hong Xing is a businessman in the outside world and has silver in his home as is customary, the amount of silver there is incorrect. Zheng Banqiao received the account book that Yao San had acquired.


Since it was clear proof that Hong Xing was operating illegally, Zheng Banqiao was ecstatic. The account book, on the other hand, was filled with code phrases and only puzzles were written down; the answers had to be conjectured. Hong Xing took refuge in his personal salt mine. There was nobody working in the mine because Zheng Banqiao had redeemed everyone. Hong Xing was furious. In the meanwhile, Fan Renfu had Zhao Erhu inform Hong Xing that Yao San had stormed his home and warned him not to bring Fan Renfu and himself to ruin. Additionally, he urged Hong Xing to look for ways to ruin Zheng Banqiao’s straw fan company. In disguise, Hong Xing entered the straw fan workshop late at night. Fan Ziyang, Fan Renfu’s son, also visited the workshop to locate Xiaomei and offered her an apology for what had transpired on the day of their wedding. Xiaomei claimed that she did not hold him responsible and that fate was a matter of course. He then turned around and fled, but Hong Xing pounced on the opening to enter and set fire to the straw fan’s workshop.

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