October 4, 2023

Washington, D.C. – House Committee on Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith (MO-08) announced that the Committee will hold a field hearing on Trade in America: Agriculture and Critical Supply Chains. The hearing will take place Monday, July 10, 2023, at Schiefelbein Farms in Kimball, Minnesota.

“U.S. trade policy must be focused on helping American farmers, workers, and small businesses stay competitive and thrive. That means protecting them from unfair trade practices, enforcing our trade agreements, and helping American farmers compete. As their voice in Washington, Congress must exercise our Constitutional authority over trade to fight for and promote their interests. Through these hearings in communities around our country, the Ways and Means Committee is focused on examining how best to ensure strict enforcement of all our existing trade agreements, expand access to new markets for American farmers, and secure America’s supply chains, especially when it comes to critical minerals that can be produced here at home in states like Minnesota.”

WHAT: Field hearing on Trade in America: Agriculture and Critical Supply Chains
DATE: Monday, July 10, 2023
WHERE: Schiefelbein Farms in Kimball, Minnesota
PRESS RSVP: Due to limited seating capacity, press who wish to attend in-person should RSVP to JP Freire, Tim Foster, and Dylan Chandler.

Members will be joined by the following witnesses:

  1. Don Schiefelbein, Cattle Producer, Owner/Operator of Schiefelbein Farms (Kimball, MN)
  2. Tom Bakk, Minnesota Minerals Expert and Former State Senate Democrat Leader (Cook, MN)
  3. Carolyn Olson, Owner/Operator of Fairview Farm (Cottonwood, MN); Vice President of Minnesota Farm Bureau
  4. Brad Vold, Owner/Operator of Dorrich Dairy (Glenwood, MN)
  5. Gary Wertish, President of Minnesota Farmers Union (Renville, MN)


How to Watch the Hearing:

Members of the press who wish to attend in-person should RSVP with the Committee staff listed above. Those who are unable to attend in-person can access a livestream on the Ways and Means Committee YouTube channel. NOTE: The livestream will not be available until the hearing starts.

About the Hearing:

  • Ways and Means Committee members are listening to American workers, families, farmers, and small businesses who are impacted by U.S. trade policy in one way or another every day.
  • These conversations will focus on holding China accountable, securing our critical supply chains, opening new and enforcing access to markets for U.S. farmers, stopping unfair and illicit trade practices, and ensuring America’s competitiveness. An open and honest discussion will determine the policies coming out of the Committee and Congress.
  • Securing Supply Chains: Increased U.S. production and deeper cooperation with allies are needed for key supply chains, particularly for critical minerals, to maintain reliable access to all materials Americans need to stay at the cutting edge of innovation. The Committee will explore how the Biden Administration has tied the hands of American miners with unnecessary red tape while increasing our reliance on minerals from bad actors, including Chinese state-owned enterprises and countries that use forced labor.
  • Robust Enforcement of U.S. Trade: The Ways and Means Committee will explore how the Biden Administration’s failure to strictly enforce our trade agreements, especially USMCA and holding China accountable for agriculture purchase commitments, has impacted U.S. farmers and workers.
  • Expanding Markets for U.S. Agriculture: China and other global competitors are aggressively pursuing new export markets for agricultural products. The Ways and Means Committee will hear directly from Minnesota farmers about how and where to expand on the success of USMCA and push U.S. trading partners to expand market access for U.S. agricultural products.
  • The Trade in America: Agriculture and Critical Supply Chains hearing will take place Monday, July 10, 2023, at Schiefelbein Farms in Kimball, Minnesota.

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