September 26, 2023

To the editor:

Summit Carbon Solutions is proposing a carbon capture and sequestration project set to run throughout the Midwest, including Minnesota. The carbon capture technology would capture CO2 emissions, primarily from ethanol plants, and via pipeline, route these emissions to North Dakota to be permanently stored underground, effectively lowering CO2 emissions from ethanol plants and helping Minnesota meet its carbon-neutral goals by 2030.

This project is different than an oil pipeline. Besides the fact it is not transporting oil, the diameter is also significantly smaller, and the pipeline’s single reason for operating is to lower carbon. Farmers across the project line benefit as well because many grow corn, which is purchased by ethanol producers who are utilizing this pipeline to grow market demand. However, even those not impacted by the project can understand the ethanol industry is an important part of Minnesota’s economy. In 2021, the ethanol industry contributed $2.1 billion to Minnesota’s GDP. Summit’s project will ensure this level of economic contribution continues and grows into the future.

Surprisingly, agitators have begun spreading outlandish claims about this carbon capture project even though it will bolster the agriculture economy in our state and assist with climate goals. The fact of the matter is that carbon pipelines aren’t a new concept, and neither is wanting to decarbonize key industries, so they remain viable. CCS technology has been in use dating back to the 1990s and has a track record of being overwhelmingly safe with zero fatalities ever reported.

It is time to reevaluate our opinions of the word “pipeline.” Critical infrastructure projects like these are critical to Minnesota’s climate goals, as well as maintaining the strength of the agricultural industry in the state. I am proud to support Summit Carbon’s project, and I hope others are too.

Brad Gruhot


— Brad Gruhot is president of the Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce

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