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Besdoung Ahkeak Thai Drama Speak Khmer

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Synopsis Besdoung Ahkeak Thai Drama Speak Khmer

When Atchi learned that his father planned to sell the property that many homes rented in order to invest in Kraipop, he became upset. Consequently, there was a disagreement. She had to figure out a means to assist those folks in accordance with her own power because she was unable to defy her father. Sila, Atjima’s older brother, was a rambunctious individual. I am a hoopster. He had always intended to dominate Agni’s farm. He often employed Agni’s employees—who owed him money—as worms on the Adisuan farm. Always, Agni must make amends for mistakes Sila has done. And they previously had a love for the same lady. They fought till the woman passed away. makes the two of them inebriated with one another, incapable of allowing them to even exchange sideways glances. Wherever they met, they would battle until one of them was utterly annihilated.

Virat’s wedding day is getting closer. A mishap resulted in the friend of the bride breaking her leg. He then requested Atchi to serve in that capacity. As friends of the bride and groom, Akkanee and Atjima had to travel before to the wedding to get ready for numerous activities. The two of them frequently argued while they traveled. However, it was tinged with a sense of connectedness that seeped into both of their thoughts to the point that it occasionally manifested as kindness.


However, Akkanee runs into Phruek, a wealthy young man who owns the resort where the wedding would take place, at Raya Island in Phuket. Phruek is Akkanee’s major adversary. Atchima and Phruek both have feelings for Jeeja, which annoys Akkhani and causes her to feel envious of them. causing Akkanee to use all of her efforts to sabotage Phruek and Atjima’s union until a mess is made of it.

The same bridesmaids also planned a bachelorette party before Virat’s wedding. Before there is a formal ceremony, maybe the young folks will have a job. As a result, Ajjima and Akni had to work together to plan this event after she was chosen to be a bridesmaid. causing constant and constant strife.

However, up to that point, the task was finished in a manner that neither of them anticipated. because the two were involved in a beer duel at the end of the bachelor celebration. which both of them enjoyed participating in while attending the same institution. However, both of them were more inebriated than normal until they woke up in the morning as a result of tiredness from working on this event till late at night. They discovered themselves both nude on the same bed. Blood traces were also seen on the bed. However, the bloody stain was actually only Jay Tor’s (Krirk Chiller) lipstick.


As soon as Agni sobered up from his intoxicated state, he realized what he had done was terrible. Atchima believed she had forgotten all about her opponent throughout the confrontation. The two of them then got into another argument and fight. Agni is dependent on Vayupak. The sexy older brother intends to make amends with Atjima. But due to several difficulties, every strategy had to fall apart. Including the Phruek issue.


Agni makes the decision to apologize directly to Atchima once Virat’s wedding is over. But he discovered that she had already left and returned to the farm. The path to the girl’s ear for an apology started to get blocked by that. Agni would probably be eliminated since everyone there treated the Pasawat Farm like a stronghold. In any case, if he enters the water,


Akkanee heard the disappointing news that he had skipped the New Year’s Eve celebration when he got back to Adisawan Rangsan Farm. Arsonists completely damaged a hay shed on one property. Fortunately, Pathapee and Wayupak rallied the community to assist in putting it out quickly before it spread to other regions. Even so, they discovered that Mr. Khem, a crucial employee, had been attacked and had gone into a coma. And Mr. Khem is likely the only person who can identify the perpetrator.


Akanee tasked the police with looking into the situation. He personally is looking forward to meeting Atchima. He entered Phasawat Farm by the rear door. Atchima has planted trees here in an effort to turn them into a tourist destination in the future. since she was aware that she would need to arrive early each morning to view the job. However, Phruek, Atchima’s worst foe, decides to see her in an effort to forge a bond. Then, in an effort to provide Agni additional opportunities to interact with Atchima, Earth and Vayupak decided to turn Phruek into a bird. due to Pruek’s decision to check into the resort Patapee is managing.


The three knew Phruek would undoubtedly request Atchi to join them on their special excursion, so they organized it accordingly. And as predicted, it came to pass. When the plan is carried out, Agni will meet and speak with Atchi several times till he starts to comprehend her. He misled Milk into staying and helping separate Phruek from Akkanee by claiming that this man is gay and would come to claim Akkanee. Milk had gone to court Agni (But Akkanee doesn’t play along). Then, milk cooperated. However, it turned out that Milk and Phruek both developed feelings for one another.


Then then, Atchima had a good cause to be envious of Agni and Milk. As a result, Atchima declined to see Agni once again. Then Akkanee pretended to be a visitor and accompanied the group of vets who arrived to immunize Atjima’s farm. He drew her into a hay barn so they could converse. This time, they unintentionally formed a true relationship, which led to Atchima being pregnant. Due of the way Agni used her, Ajjima feels furious with him. So she declined to visit him once again.


Kraipop now started carrying out his last strategy. He collected Pisan’s vital papers and set up the sale of his own property. After tricking Ajji into visiting the temple fair, he had Sila take him aside and wrestle her. However, Agni was informed of this and arrived in time to assist. Once more adjusting their understanding, they both reached a mutual understanding. However, Kraipop and Sila deceived Pisan into believing that Akkhani had attacked her and kidnapped Atjima. Atjima was unable to leave the chamber Pisan had locked her in to prepare for her marriage to Kraipop.


When Akkanee went into Ajjima’s bedroom in stealth because she couldn’t bear the memories, she discovered that Kraipop had been her forced bride. So he encouraged her to flee with him. Ajjima, however, declined out of concern for her father’s feelings. To prevent Ajjima from marrying another person, Agni must indulge and find a different solution. with the aid of Mr. Sak, a close subordinate, and his brother. Kraipop was dealing dishonestly with Phasawat Farm, he found out. Mr. Khem, who had been gravely hurt, also passed away at the same moment. The father, Mr. Perm, feels very regretful for his part in the loss of his kid. Therefore, he admitted to Akkhani that he was the reason Mr. Sila’s men showed there on New Year’s Day to start a fire.


Akkanee then went to the police with all the proof. When Kraipop noticed the awkward stance, he urged Sila to use a cunning plan to get Atchima to the far end of the garden so they could try to wrestle once more. She intends to quiet Akanee when he arrives to assist her in order to put a stop to the case. However, Akkanee was able to intervene and deliver Atjima and Sila from Kraipop’s grasp.



During this trip back home, Ajji learned that the elderly woman Agni frequently visited in the hospital was really the mother of her previous boyfriend, Sila, who passed away as a result of Agni’s brother, resulting in their ongoing disagreement. When Sila was duped, she became aware of her remorse for her younger sister. He arrived and told his father what had happened. Sila’s behavior toward this sister was the cause. As a result, Pisan suffered a heart attack and had to be taken to the hospital. and the cops managed to apprehend Sila.


She is now pregnant, and Ajjima and Agni are aware of it. He made an effort to approach Pisan and beg for pardon. He refused to give in nevertheless. Kraipop paid individuals to shoot Pisan before he was allowed to leave the hospital in an effort to stop the multiple atrocities he had initiated. But that didn’t work out. Because Atchi arrived to receive the shot in its place. The culprit was apprehended by Akkanee, who then handed him over to the police. Later, the police broadened their findings to include Kraipop.


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