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Anlong Kam

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Synopsis Anlong Kam

Yoi Tao Kae Nea was the owner of a store and a mill in the Chum Saeng District Market in Nakhon San Province in 1967. He commands respect from every member of the family in all matters. Pathom, Prasongkamon, Mongkol, and Yoi are the names of the couple’s four kids. Yoi is married to Jek Seng.

The oldest son, Pathom, visits his family after serving in Takhli as a soldier. He returned with Renu. a young woman who does prostitution at a Takhli bar. Renu claimed to be pregnant with him, so Pathom had to bring her back. Yoi was furious when he watched his son bring a prostitute inside the house. since Pathom is already engaged. which is Pillai, the attractive, well-off, and educated daughter of If Kae Mill at Thapkrit Market. Yoi does not want Renu to share a home with her. So he gave him a home in an alley that he had obtained through a mortgage and sent him to reside there. Yoi wants to avoid conflict with Pillai’s family. So, he went to meet Prasong, who had received ordination in the temple, and requested that he wed Pillai rather than Pathom. notwithstanding your want to avoid marriage. He accepted since he secretly liked Chanta, a worker at Mrs. Ik Huay’s Sanghaphan shop, but he felt he could not disappoint his mother. Yoi went to tell Pillai the news after that. However, Pillai suggested that he request a completely new dowry. Despite her displeasure, Yoi accepted since she didn’t want to seem bad. and have Nang Yoi be in charge of the event’s costs as well. And I want my daughter-in-law to judge and put pressure on Renu. Yoi pursued Renu into the home behind the mill when it was time for their wedding. They made Prasong and Pillai’s home the house in the alley. After then, Renu relocated to the mill’s rear. A fresh cabin was created. Another eventually started producing snacks for sale. with assistance from Kamon and Jek Seng


Mongkol traveled to Pak Nam Pho to pursue an engineering degree before taking the train home to Chum Saeng. Inadvertently, I ran upon Wanna, Renu’s younger sister, who was also enrolled in Pak Nam Pho’s sewing program. Mongkol plays the flirt with Wan. Wanna, though, is uninterested. Wanna arrived to hastily follow Renu back to her residence in Pak Nam Pho. Her mother has a critical illness. Renu rushed right away to see her mum. After the order was finished, Renu’s mother died away. Renu had to spend three days at home helping to plan the funeral. Pak Nam Pho hosted the burial. Renu also hoped to take Pok once her mother passed away. They cohabitate at Chum Saeng with her brother-in-law’s victimized child. But ultimately Pok made a choice. slept the night in the temple with the monk, then went to Thap Krit and spent the night there. I unintentionally overheard market patrons discussing Renu’s prior childbirth. Yoi is upset at Renu for tricking his kid. He took the key and closed the home behind Renu’s mill when he got back to Chum Saeng. Renu was unable to enter the home when she came back. When Renu returned to Yoi’s business to inquire for the key, she was advised to come back the next day. Renu then requested to spend one night at Chanta’s place. then hurried outside to Yoi’s storefront early in the morning. By making it appear as though that individual had been dozing off in front of the home all night, they made the villagers feel bad and chastised them for being insensitive to a pregnant lady. Soon later, Renu announced that she had miscarried and slipped and fell as a result of her excessive workload. Yoi heard this, but he couldn’t believe it, so he tried to come up with a quick technique to get rid of the pollen.


After Prasong and Pillai’s wedding has ended. The two of them headed to the residence in Nang Yoi’s lane. However, because Mrs. Phikun, Pillai’s mother, constantly handled her chores, she was unable to perform any of it. Then Pillai requested that all of the chores be performed by a different person. Even though Prasong and Nang Yoi are not content, they were compelled to find a way to coexist after they were married. Two brothers who work at a Yoi store are Pom and Boonpook. I’m careful. It is commonly known that Yoi Boonpluk secretly and discreetly has feelings for Prasong. He grew more sympathetic with Prasong as he was forced to complete Pilai’s chores and came to assist Prasong and Pilai. The affection you continue to have won’t alter, so do your chores frequently.


Compound with Tim Renu’s former bartender friend visited Chum Saeng for business. You hear about Renu’s life. How did Tim hear of Nang Yoi’s mistreatment of Renu? then advised Renu to visit Nang Yoi and place a charm there as she used to do with Pathom. Yoi went to reprimand Renu at home after learning that she had brought an acquaintance who was a prostitute over. Renu blurts out a tale about Pathom falling head over heels for someone. Yoi then reasoned that Pathom may receive a charm from Renu. In order to see Mor Mi, who was beached in Chai, Yoi next got a boat. Pathom was undoubtedly bewitched, according to the examination by doctor Mee. However, you can only remove the charm if Pathom is present. Renu raced to see Dr. Kon who put the charm on Pathom after hearing that Yoi had gone to meet Mor Mee because she was worried that the charm would be taken off. Tim then proposed having Renu create additional swag items, with Tim providing the funding. Considering that Tim held a hatred towards Yoi for taking possession of her home and forcing her to travel to Takhli to engage in prostitution. A regular client at the business appreciated Kamon’s demeanor and wanted him to be his grandson-in-law. He wants Renu to get retribution on Mrs. Sri’s behalf. Yoi worries that Kamon will choose a poor daughter-in-law for someone else. So he made an effort to match Kamon with Piangpen. The youngest daughter of Kamnan Sorn in the Khamang Subdistrict, and granddaughter of Mrs. Sri. However, there is a need that Kamol move in with Ghamang after their marriage. The reality, however, is simply that. They cherished their time spent with Rod and have since passed away. Mrs. Sri and Kamnan Sorn only wanted to get the two of them apart as soon as possible. Kamon enjoys being with Chanta in secret. People in the market told Yoi that Kamol could feel something for Chanta. Despite the fact that Kamon doesn’t want to be married, Yoi insisted that he do so right away.


Kan visits Chum Saeng to purchase medication for her mother, Nang Khun. However, there isn’t enough money. Kamon unexpectedly arrived to get medication for Jek Seng. He contributed to the cost of the medication when he saw that the money given would not cover it. Make me feel appreciative Despite not knowing one other’s names, the two parted ways. Later, Kan visited Peangpen in secret and discovered that Kamnan Sorn would pressure Peangpen into wedlock with Kamol. Additionally, Piangpen was expecting his own kid. When he got to Chumsaeng, he realized that Kamol was the one who had given his mother money for drugs, which changed his plans to kill Kamol. So he made the decision not to murder Kamon. Then Kan relocated to Bangkok to live with a band. Kan sings with skill, after all. Let Peangpen wed Kamon in accordance with the elders’ desires. Yoi became enchanted with Renu when pollen did. Demand that people purchase Renu’s daily snacks. also employed Renu to create lucky treats for Kamol’s wedding. As for Pillai, he was envious of Yoi’s devotion for Renu. Yoi is encouraged to despise Renu by Pillai. Yoi developed a deeper love for Renu. Yoi gave Renu a gold necklace to wear to Kamol’s wedding till the big day. Despite the fact that Renu promised to return it after the event. Nang Yoi, however, claimed that she had given it and not taken it back. This strikes Pillai as being rather odd, and he surmises that Yoi-ah has fallen under Renu’s spell. I thus considered seeing Doctor Mee to seek a remedy for black magic. My father’s former boat driver subordinate Cherd and I encountered each other by chance. In order to view Mor Mee, Pillai then hired Chud to operate a boat. But the medical professional passed away unexpectedly. Pillai was forced to go home empty-handed as a result. But I requested Cheed to look for information about a reliable occult physician for me. Cheed visited Takhli to conduct research. Tim and I happened to cross paths, and I informed him about Pilai and Renu. In order to avoid having to see Doctor Gon, who had enchanted Renu, Tim suggested a Tha Nam Oi doctor who was a spirit medium and enjoyed defrauding people of large sums of money. When he visited Doctor Bang, he was informed that he needed to bring in a victim of black magic. Since Pillai was still at a loss for how to remove Yoi, he decided to exact vengeance on Renu by having Yoi steal the gold necklace that Renu had given her. Yoi, however, once more handed Renu a new gold necklace. When Wanna graduated, he said that he would create a tailoring business for her. Even more envious than before, Pillai plans to tell everyone in Chum Saeng Market about Renu’s dark sorcery. Renu made an effort to appear normal in order to deny the rumors.


Pen experienced acute morning sickness just after the wedding. Piangpen continues to be loyal to Kan. He then requested to share a bed with Kamol by making the excuse that he was ill and worried Kamol might get a fever. Kamon wasn’t opposed to it. After visiting Bangkok, Kan Side soon had to return since Bang-on had given word that Nang Kun was in critical condition. Kan and Kun recruited Bang On to farm for the owner of a rice field in Ghamang. Bang On comes to look for Nang Kun because he secretly likes Kan and wants to marry her. Kan is urged by Nang Kun to divorce Peangpen and wed Bang On. Kamnan Sorn gave Bang Orn some cash in exchange for hastily planning a wedding with Kan in order to break the relationship between Kan and Piangpen. Nang Kun, however, passed suddenly the day before the wedding. causing the cancellation of the wedding. Before the wedding, Piangpen’s side made the decision to inform Kamon of the pregnancy. And let Kamon determine what to do next based on his own preferences. The couple ultimately decided to secretly file for divorce at the district. Going back to visit her ailing father at Chum Saeng, Pen stealthily flees from home when Kamol informed her parents that he had done so.


Jek Seng died shortly after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Pak Nam Pho hosted the burial. To assist, Renu and Pillai both arrived. In order to get revenge on Renu, Pillai informed everyone present at the burial that Renu had used black magic on Yoi. At the wedding, Renu was also mocked by relatives. Even while Renu feigned not to care, she secretly felt guilty and sad for using black magic on Yoi and Pathom. Yoi has now learned the reality. Kamon is upset over being sold as a cat and that he is divorced from Phiangpen Yoi. Most significantly, he feels really bad for Kamon. Piangpen collapsed and passed out in the railway station. When Kamon discovered her, he assisted her and brought her to Ban Suan Tai Rongsi. Kan arrives to locate Pen. Then Kamon left Kan to join Prasong in the mill. Finally, Kan and Piangpen connected. In order for Kan to be auspicious and begin dating Mala, Kamol advised her to do nice things to gain Phiangpen’s affection. Mala fell pregnant quickly. Mala was asked to go get an abortion by Mongkol because he didn’t want to accept responsibility. Mala, however, was afraid to inform her parents and turned to Yoi for assistance. Wanna was requested to become his buddy and confirm whether or not she was indeed seeing Mongkol. since they both previously attended adjacent Pak Nam Pho schools to learn. Yoi, however, doesn’t think so and gets Mala to swear. Mala then took an oath before her godfather Chum Saeng, promising that she would regret lying in three and seven days. But if speaking the truth doesn’t make a difference, may good things come your way instead. Mongkol drowned a few days later.


Renu will proceed to the military camp to inform Pathom about Mongkol’s passing. However, Pathom drives his boss’s daughter. He then turned the situation on to his friend. I experienced morning sickness on the way home. When Pathom returned, he was delighted to learn Renu was pregnant via a friend. Pillai was devastated when he learned the news. Consider taking Yoi to remove the charm more quickly. He was concerned Renu and his kids would inherit the riches he should have had. Cherd observed Tim arrive to Chum Saeng to see Renu. So he was aware that he had undoubtedly been duped into seeing a doctor. Then Pillai gave him the go-ahead to exact revenge on Renu for using black magic. However, in an act of retaliation, he severely battered Dim. Tim thus rushed to meet Dr. Gon. They feared that Cheet’s side would arrive and ask them to take their belongings because of this. But Dr. Gon traveled to another region to conduct the ceremony. As a result, Dr. Gon has not yet met Cherd or Tim.


After Kamon gets married, Chanta’s side of Krong Karm, Channel 3HD, synopsis. Palad Jinkorn, who was ill, also came to Chanta to request assistance. However, Jinkorn and her husband Krong Kaew, a cousin of Palad, arrived on the day of the ceremony. She revealed that Chanta used to be her husband’s mistress when Chanta saw her face. include previously been pregnant and having an abortion. The middle of the wedding had to be called off. Around Chumsaeng, rumors about Janta began to circulate. Chanta was depressed and contemplated killing herself. Because she was ill, she sent Chanta to Pak Nam Pho to pursue her dream of studying beauty. Kamon and Renu assisted in fund raising. Chanta’s re-single status makes Kamol delighted. So he admitted his affection for Chanta to Nang Yoi. He requested a ring in order to propose to Chanta first, despite Nang Yoi being dissatisfied. But I accepted it in good faith out of love and compassion for my child, who had driven me into my first marriage and had disintegrated it.


Thapkrit gave Pillai a skilled physician by the name of Achan Somdee. He then went to pick him up and told everyone in the market about Renu’s dark sorcery. Renu was quite ashamed. Therefore, Wanna and I relocated to Phayuha Khiri. and requested that Dr. Kon take Khun Sai out of Pathom and Yoi. Mr. Cherd’s assault on Tim infuriated Tim’s side. Go get assistance from a doctor. But some medical professionals will continue to reject the use of black magic. Tim then requested that Tom take him to visit Dr. Biaw. once you’ve finished using the dark magic. Pillai is in trouble. frightened that there would always be assassins coming. Up till there were allegations that Renu had attacked Pillai with a ghost to exact retribution. Tim worries that Renu will be mentioned in the narrative. He then stepped outside and said that it was his own creation in front of Yoi’s home. Pillai must come and speak in front of the house if he wants to paddle properly. If not, the desire will also be granted. Yoi called Pillai out since he thought that he intended to get into trouble. In order to survive, he was forced to tell the Chum Saeng residents about the awful things he had done under Tim’s instructions. Tim finally puts an end to his animosity and requests that Doctor Biao cease using black magic. While Pilai was being treated by Ajarn Somdee, his condition deteriorated. The spell was incredibly potent since Pillai’s heart was filled with wrath and the doctor’s side wanted to test it out. Then, before Pillai could recover, Ajarn Somdee instructed him to let go of the resentment and greed in his heart and spend some time contemplating the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha. When Pillai came to, he requested to go back to Thapkrit since the people had made him feel bad. declaring his desire to go back and become a nun.


Renu began a store selling rice crackers when she relocated in order to make money. Tim, who was in the neighborhood on business, stopped to deliver the tragic news about Orapani, the boss’s daughter, and Pathom. Renu was quite upset by that. The initial group freed the troops and went back to their residences. Pathom plans to attend with Orapani. Regarding his child and new wife, concur with Renu. Renu, though, has changed. As a result, we never met. Yoi is really angry with Onpanee. However, when he discovered that Orapani’s home had prestige and that he had carefully thought out his son’s future. Given that Pathom appeared to have a better future than living at Chum Saeng, it was determined that he would go back to his wife’s home. Kamon made the decision to relocate to Pak Nam Pho to live with Chanta. Yoi renovated his Pak Nam Pho shophouse so that Chanta’s beauty parlor could open there. He plans to relocate since it is closer to the hospital than Chum Saeng is, with the purpose of continuing to manage all the enterprises there.



The crew is led in worship by Aof Phongphat as Karma cage, a new James Ji Bella, and dramatic drama are sent on the screen. Yoi is like having a second young child three years later. Considering that Mala gave birth to a kid and abandoned her to raise her. Mala goes back to Khao Kala to get married. Chanta Wanna married Palad Jinkorn and wanted to marry Boonplook Kamon. Pok was invited by Renu to live with her at the Phayuha Khiri business. created a venture selling Pak Mor Rice Crackers and sago with pig filling that was successful. Despite having a better degree and working at Orphannee’s firm, Fangpathom is miserable with his one kid. Every day, Orapani goes outside to play. While on vacation, he visits his mother at home and by chance runs with Renu, who is also seeing Yoi. A mutual understanding was reached between the two as they neared death. Yoi had to have his leg amputated because his diabetes had gotten so bad. Pathom wanted to travel to see his mother while he was recovering. However, a vehicle accident happened and it resulted in terrible injuries. Yoi was surprised to learn that she had passed away at the age of 51. When Orapani learned about the accident, she decided against accepting any financial aid since she knew that even with therapy, she would not recover. To pay for upkeep, Prasong and Kamon made the decision to mortgage all of the land that Yoi had shared with Pathom. After receiving three years of treatment, Pathom was cared for by Renu and restored to normal. Up until they built a dessert factory, the two of them assisted Renu in growing her dessert store. and coexist blissfully. Soon on Channel 3, keep up with and watch the drama Krong Karm. Krong Karm, Channel 3HD, plot summary


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