September 27, 2023

Presser Performing Arts has announced a partnership with Agriculture Education on the Move (AEOTM) in an effort to educate students at Presser Performing Arts on the topics of agriculture.

AEOTM a program of the Missouri Farmers Care Foundation, is a proactive, educational effort that brings passionate, trained educators to the classroom to build agricultural literacy at elementary ages. During a ten-week program, Presser Performing Arts students will learn about crops, livestock, soil and water conservation, nutrition, and careers in agriculture. The lessons are STEM-focused and the curriculum meets classroom objectives. A hands-on component provides a fun and interactive way of learning while students make soybean germination necklaces, corn plastic, butter, animal feed rations, soil profiles and more. Students are exposed to real Missouri farm families and learn about their dedication, compassion, sacrifice, and work ethic on the farm.

“Agriculture education in elementary classrooms is such a valuable experience for all involved. Students, teachers, and even AEOTM educators and partners are connecting to the world around them, where their food comes from, and how agriculture affects daily life. We value each participating school and look forward to returning year after year”, said Heather Fletcher, AEOTM program director.

Forty students at Presser Performing Arts have enjoyed learning about food, fuel, and fibers with local AEOTM educator, Emily Hoyt.

“The entire community benefits from Agriculture Education on the Move as local students experience the thrill of germinating seeds, understanding the basics of how their food is produced and seeing, many for the first time, the agriculture all around them,” said Ashley McCarty, MFC executive director.

Presser Performing Arts’s participation with AEOTM is a component of Audrain County’s Agri-Ready Designation. MFC’s Agri-Ready County Designation launched in December 2015 as a voluntary connection between Missouri counties and the leadership of Missouri agriculture. Agri-Ready County Designation recognizes and builds on the impact of family farmers and agri-businesses as key contributors to our economy and the quality of life in our communities.

The AEOTM program is funded through Missouri Farmers Care, a coalition of more than 40 Missouri agriculture groups, including support from Missouri soybean farmers and their checkoff and the MFA Oil Foundation.

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