September 26, 2023

32 members of the Vision Leadership Osceola Class of 2023 took part in the excursion. This annual program aims to develop community leaders who are informed, involved, and civic-minded. The Vision Leadership Osceola Class visited Doc Partin Ranch as our first stop on the tour, where the ranchers shared their experiences and wealth of expertise with us. The participants observed and learnt how ranches play a role in flood control of metropolitan areas as the Doc Partin Ranch family members spoke about the Florida cow-calf industry.

The class got a close-up look at the ranch horses as the ranch demonstrated how they train their cows in the cow enclosures. The class was hosted for a superb steak lunch at Heart D Farm, the following site, a working cow farm and agritourism operation, which showcased its gorgeous venue. The class had the chance to learn more about the Silver Spurs Rodeo, Osceola County Cattlemen’s Association, Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show/Osceola County Fair, Farm Bureau, Women’s Leadership Committee, and Young Farmers & Ranchers during the lunch prepared by the Osceola County Cattlemen’s Association.

Last but not least, the students visited Mick Farms to pick some strawberries, purchase at their farm stand, and learn everything there is to know about the crops they raise, which include collards, southern peas, sunflowers, and cauliflower. The class had a fantastic day filled with entertainment and learning. With more knowledge of Osceola’s agricultural sector, the Leadership Osceola class will be better equipped to make decisions that will benefit both the community and the agricultural sector in the future.


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