October 4, 2023

Tampa, FloridaMarcelo Ebrard, the foreign minister of Mexico, and other U.S. federal officials were warmly received when they arrived in the country.

They came to the area to tour farms and interact with the many temporary Mexican farmworkers who are employed there.


The purpose of the trip was to learn more about the commercial activities that underpin the economies of Mexico and the United States and to solve any pressing concerns.

During his conversation with the farmworkers, Minister Ebrard expressed satisfaction with the working circumstances, saying, “They have the legal paperwork. As far as I can tell, they are content with this form of organization since they have their rights and the help they need for their health.

Seven-year employee Gildardo Cruz Antonio mirrored the feeling of happiness and highlighted the beneficial effects it has had on his family’s well-being.

Antonio said, “My family lives better because of my job. I am better off. I didn’t have a home before, but I now have a nice home. I have more money for my girls and sons. I am happier.

Others were slated to replace the farmworkers who were getting ready to head back to Mexico.

This continuous commercial relationship between the two nations is being improved on constantly.

Minister Ebrard was upbeat about its possibilities and said, “We’ll talk to them again once they go back to Mexico so we can benefit from their experiences. As far as I can tell, Mexicans value and consider this to be vital.

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